Monday Grid Report, 8/23

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt announced some position switches after grading film from Saturday night's scrimmage.

Arkansas made some position changes after viewing film of Saturday's major scrimmage, perhaps the last one of preseason camp.

With an overflow in the defensive front and lows numbers on the offensive line, Chase Pressley moved from defensive tackle to offensive guard and Anthony Gray switched from defensive end to tight end. Pressley switched from jersey number 96 to 60.

The Hogs held a late afternoon workout to allow the team to adjust to the first day of fall classes. They worked in shorts and helmets for about an hour starting at 5:30 p.m. The workout ended with an extensive conditioning run. The team had been given Sunday off after the Saturday night scrimmage.

Nutt said the solid progress being made on the defensive front at end and tackle by newcomers Fred Bledsoe, Marcus Harrison, Ernest Mitchell, Michael Tate and Jamaal Anderson allowed the Hogs to move Pressley and Gray.

"This allows us to balance our numbers," Nutt said. "Anthony and Chase have a great attitude. We have some good things with our young linemen and this helps our depth on offense.

"Anthony and Chase went with the offense as of about 4 p.m. today. They got right in there today."

Nutt said the film showed that the Hogs are making progress in many area, but more is needed.

"You saw glimpses of good things," Nutt said. "You'd have one or two good plays, and then one or two plays not so good. We had to make some corrections today. It was a great film to teach off of for today."

Nutt said the full extent of Landon Leach's shoulder injury won't be known until a further check with a specialist set for Sept. 8.

"Until then, we will hope and pray," Nutt said. "He'll get some ice until then. We'll find out more then."

Leach had shoulder surgery last season and spent the winter and a good portion of the summer doing extensive rehabhilitation work. The early reports are not good on his injury. Few quarterbacks return from extensive shoulder surgery and that is what could await Leach this time. His surgery last season was considered minor.

Offensive line coach Mike Markuson welcomed the additional help from Pressley and also the return to workouts of Robert Felton, out Saturday with a knee sprain, at left guard.

"Robert was able to do some things today," Markuson said. "He should be fine."

With Felton out of the scrimmage, Stephen Parker enjoyed a solid night at left guard.

"Parker did very well," Markuson said. "He handled the physical stuff just fine, like we knew. And he also handled the mental stuff very well. That was what we wanted to see from him, how the mental part would go. He knew his assignments and graded well. We've got some depth at guard now. I think Felton will come back. He's got braces now and will wear them."

Matt Gilbow missed practice Monday because of a 6 p.m. lab. It's a class that won't be a problem once the season starts since the Hogs usually take off on Mondays.

The Hogs began work on New Mexico State sets, alighments and plays and will dive into the Aggie systems more heavily as the week goes on. The Hogs open the season on Sept. 4 against NMSU in Reynolds Razorback Stadium.

Chase Pressley, in the white jersey, will switch to offense now.

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