UA Thursday Grid Report, 9/9

Arkansas expects to be near full speed when Texas comes to town for Saturday's game at Reynolds Razorback Stadium. The Hogs wrapped up their heavy work for Texas on Thursday.

Arkansas completed its last heavy day of practice Thursday with head coach Houston Nutt pronouncing his squad ready for the matchup with Texas on Saturday night.

"We've had a good week," Nutt said. "Our guys have given us good concentration and have put in a good week of work."

Asked if he expected to see a normal improvement that usually comes from the first game to the second, Nutt said, "I won't know that until Saturday night, but when you play a team like Texas you don't know what is going to happen."

Tight end Jared Hicks was able to complete the entire practice. He's been slowed this week after sustaining a shoulder strain in the opener last week.

"He made it through everything today and we think he will (be able to play)," Nutt said. "He's better."

Defensive coordinator Dave Wommack said it's "been a very good week of practice." He noted the defense was boosted this week in preparation for Texas and quarterback Vince Young by working against Matt Jones and the Arkansas first offense.

"The read option out of the shotgun, no one does it better than our guys and they could present the speed of the option that our scout team can't give us in practice," Nutt said. "We worked hard on it and got some valuable preparation against our own offense."

Wommack said his defense has progressed rapidly from the start of practice, and continues to improve.

"I don't know if it was getting ready for Texas or not, but our guys improved this week," he said. "They got better every day. We had very, very good days Tuesday and Wednesday, the days you look at everything. But, it's been like that every day this fall. They've gotten better every practice.

"Our young guys are improving and picking it up. We don't have a second guy ready at every position, but we are getting closer and closer to being there. I'd say we have about 16 to 17 guys ready to play right now. We need a few more to step up and come on and I think they will get there."

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