Bowl Practice, Dec. 15

Cold rains forced the Hogs to head to the meeting room a litte bit early on Saturday as the team continued preparations for the Jan. 1 date with Oklahoma.

Cold rains forced Arkansas to cut short its Saturday football practice, but not until after most of the work was finished. And, the Hogs were still able to head to the meeting rooms, as planned, for extensive film review.

"The weather didn't cooperate," said Houston Nutt, the head coach. "But, we got in a lot of work on our punt and punt return teams. We've been able to get some special team work in each day, but not enough on the punting game and that's what we concentrated on today."

The Hogs had intended on working mainly on special teams on Saturday afternoon, and had scheduled about an hour of work. They got about 45 minutes.

"We had a couple of other things to do, but we decided to go to the meeting room when the rains came," Nutt said. "We are going to watch about an hour of film on Oklahoma."

Nutt said the Hogs would add more special teams work on Sunday, especially time with the kickoffs and kickoff returns.

"We've been doing field goals and extra points every day," Nutt said. "David Carlton has been striking the ball well. It's made Brennan O'Donohoe step up. As has been the case before, when the push came, Brennan did better. Competition always helps."

Nutt said if there was a game today, O'Donohoe would handle extra points and short field goals. He would turn to Carlton for anything of 35 yards or longer. Pressed if that was a 35-yard field goal or if the ball was snapped from the 35, Nutt was clear.

"That means where you kick from ... a 35-yard field goal, or longer," Nutt said.

That means if the Hogs snap it from outside the 18-yard line, Carlton would be the kicker. Translated, that means O'Donohoe will only handle chip shots.

"We are going to look at some game like situations next week, and chart our kickers," Nutt said. "We are going to continue to look at the placements closely. I think Brennan has been a little better with details since the end of the season. He's been more attentive. The kicking game will be important in the bowl game. Could it be low scoring? You never know. You might get icy conditions this time of year, or it might be 70 like it was in Dallas two years ago. You don't know the conditions, and you better be prepared."


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