Tuesday Grid Report, 9/14

Arkansas had a solid workout Tuesday as full-scale work on Louisiana-Monroe began for this week's trip to Little Rock.

Arkansas worked for about 90 minutes in full pads Tuesday, their first hard practice after losing a tough game to Texas last weekend.

"I think it's good that we work on Sunday because although we had a lot of bumps and bruises from a tough game, I think we got that out of our system," said coach Houston Nutt. "We were able to come back today and bounce around and have a very good practice. This team had a good physical day."

On the injury front, defensive tackle Jeremy Harrell was the only player in the two deep not to dress in full pads. He did go through certain drills with a heavily taped ankle from a sprain suffered against Texas. He should play this week. Vickiel Vaughn, who did not practice Sunday, did not miss any work Tuesday.

"We are in good shape," Nutt said of the injured Hogs. "We'll be alright by game time."

Nutt said the Hogs were looking forward to their first trip to Little Rock of the season. He was still excited about the fan atmosphere at Saturday's game.

"That was really good Saturday night, the best ever in Fayetteville," Nutt said. "We know we'll have a good crowd in Little Rock, too."

Nutt is undefeated as a head coach in Little Rock games. Asked about that streak, he said, "Let's don't jinx it. Let's not talk about that."

Nutt said Louiaiana-Monroe coach Charlie Weatherbie is an old friend. He said the Indians use a lot of the same plays the Hogs have in their playbook, but do it in different formations.

"They go with three and four wide receivers a lot of the time," Nutt said. "They are going to try to spread you out. They also have the option series. Charlie and I were grad assistants here and I've known him for a long time. I knew him at Oklahoma State and we've been around each other at different times."

Defensively, the Indians are a blitzing team and will bring linebackers and safeties.

"Bob Trott has those defensive blitzes you saw with the New York Giants," Nutt said. "He's also going to bring the safeties from deep, six seven yards back and bring them late to confuse your linemen."

Offensive line coach Mike Markuson said his unit had a solid performance against Texas.

"We hadn't used a lot of power plays in the first game and I thought they looked good as far as the blocking in this game," he said. "The holes were there when you look at the film. All of our guys did their jobs.

"I was impressed with the backers. We handled their front okay. But their backers made some plays that were really good. Derrick Johnson ran around blocks. You don't see many with the speed to do that. I tip my hat to him. He's a great one.

"We won't see many like that. One of my guys asked how you stop that because he went where we wanted him to go. I said, 'He made a great play.' I thought our guys played hard and smart."

Tight end coach Clifton Ealy said the plan was to use Marc Winston against Texas, but Jared Hicks was able to go 57 snaps and it wasn't necessary to burn a redshirt on the true freshman.

"Marc was ready, but we were able to hold him out," Nutt said. "Jared is okay, but we are still watching him. We are keeping Marc ready. He's getting some snaps. We'll see how Jared holds up."

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