Bowl Practice: Dec. 18

The Arkansas Razorbacks moved into the stadium to find some good footing in preparation for their Cotton Bowl trip. A key player returned to the field.

Arkansas returned to the practice field with a workout well over two hours after taking Monday off to concentrate on finals.

The big news of the day was the return of tailback Fred Talley to practice. It's still unclear whether or not Talley will be allowed to play in the Cotton Bowl, but Houston Nutt didn't rule that out after practice.

"I want to talk to some more people, then I'll make a decision," Nutt said.

However, at least two sources at practice indicated that the head coach might be receiving some new information about the fight that Talley was alledged to have participated in several weeks ago. If that information is correct, this writer speculates that Talley would play against Oklahoma.

"Right now, Fred is done with finals and I didn't want him just sitting around in the dormf all day," Nutt said. "He's getting some exercise, and might be getting some extra exercise (after practice) right now."

Nutt said the workout was longer than usual, and that the team's concentration could have been better.

"We went a long, long time," he said. "The concentration was good at the start, but when you go aas long as we did, you don't usually keep it that long. We put a lot of things in today, so it was a hard day. But, we'll get better as we go."

The Hogs practiced inside Razorback Stadium, and finished under the lights. They'll continue workouts Wednesday when most of the team will be done with finals.

"Most everyone is done, and they'll just about all be done by the time we get on the field on Wednesday," Nutt said.

Mark Bokermann, the Hogs' starting right guard, did not practice, but should return on Wednesday.

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