UA Wednesday Grid Report, 10-6

Arkansas ends the day with no injuries on Wednesday, a big thing considering two guys went down with broken legs on Tuesday.

Comparatively speaking, Wednesday's University of Arkansas practice was rather uneventful.

After a Tuesday one in which two players broke their legs and another chose to quit the team instead of take second-team status, Razorback head coach Houston Nutt was just fine with that.

"We didn't get anybody hurt today," Nutt said. "That's a great feeling. They really moved around today and have practiced hard these last two days. When you loser a Zac Tubbs and a Derek Moore, it's tough. Zac was having a great year. It was just a fluke and I hate it, but you have got to go forward and that is one of those things about that somebody has got to step up and somebody's got to be ready right in the meat of the schedule."

First up to do that and fill in for Tubbs will be Matt Gilbow and Nate Garner, two Arkansas natives who after this weekend's open date will now thrust into playing far more than they have before.

Gilbow got more work than Garner in Wednesday's practice, but the job is up for grabs and Robert Felton and Chase Pressley were looked at as well. "You are already thin, you are already inexperienced so everybody has got to be ready," Nutt said.

Arkansas has been mostly pleased with its offensive line this season and Nutt has hope it will continue to step up for the remainder of the season.

"For the most part our offense has been further ahead than I think a lot of us thought we would be at this time," Nutt said. "They have been doing a good job of protecting the quarterback and trying to create some running lanes. It's a tough part of your schedule and everybody's just got to pull together."

Wideout Carlos Ousley's decision to quit the team on Tuesday after Marcus Monk was elevated to first-team wideout and Steven Harris moved into the first-team flanker slot and the two injuries didn't deter practice on Wednesday according to Nutt.

"When Zac went down, you just felt the intensity pick up and that's what is good," Nutt said.

Other practice tidbits:

• Former fullback Justin Slaughter is now working as the third-team tight end as Arkansas moved Payne Hall to linebacker and hopes to still redshirt true freshman Marc Winston.

• The younger guys scrimmaged once again on Wednesday's practice as they did the day before.

• Arkansas continued to look at a wave of defensive backs and safeties in practice on Wednesday with Randy Kelly again running first-team ahead of Vickiel Vaughn.

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