Gameplan Works Out Just Fine

When Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville ordered an onside kick with his team leading Arkansas 10-0 in the first quarter on Saturday en route to a 38-20 win, he really wasn't being contemptuous of the Razorbacks' offense.

"We were always going to do it on the second kickoff," Tuberville said. "We thought we saw something. It would have worked, but we kicked it too far to the right. The decision had nothing to do with our defense or their offense."

The failed onside attempt was about all that went wrong for the Tigers.

Oh, and they missed their first extra point since 1999 after 209 straight makes.

"That took the pressure off," Tuberville said. "Now we can start a new streak."

Tuberville had a feeling his Tigers would play well Saturday.

"I could tell during the week," he said. "This was the best week of practice we had all year. Our guys keep pushing."

Auburn relied on a "plain vanilla" defense, with just two blitzes, Tuberville said.

"I was real nervous about this game because Matt Jones has scored many points in the second half against a lot of people," Tuberville said. "It was good to get a little bit of -- not revenge -- but satisfaction."

Tuberville said first-year Tigers offensive coordinator Al Borges found 12 new plays to use against an Arkansas defense that resembled some Pac-10 defenses Borges had seen in the late 1990s.

"The flea-flicker, or double-reverse pass (for an early 67-yard Auburn touchdown play), was something he thought would beat that defense," Tuberville said.

He said the Tigers performed so convincingly on offense and defense in the first half that the game reminded him of their recent 34-10 win over Tennessee, in which they led 31-3 at halftime.

"It was an unbelievable performance by (Auburn quarterback) Jason Campbell," Tuberville said. "He could have run several times, but he threw the ball to open receivers. He's learning to step up in the pocket -- which he hasn't done in the past.

"We're a pretty good team. It's tough for someone to defend what we're doing. Our running backs (Carnell Williams, Ronnie Brown) didn't miss a block all day on blitzes, and that shows a great team attitude by them."

Stanley McClover, an Auburn sophomore defensive end who had a rare sack of Hogs quarterback Matt Jones, said he didn't want to rub it in because he thought he might sack him again.

"He's a rare athlete who can beat you by himself," McClover said. "I just stayed real modest."

Auburn senior cornerback Carlos Rogers paid tribute to the Razorbacks, who trailed 30-0 at one point.

"We knew coming into the game that Arkansas would fight it out with us for four quarters," Rogers said. "When they started coming back after halftime, we knew we had to step it up and stay together. I think we did a good job of that."

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