Commentary: From MrBsWax

Here is a commentary regularly found on the Insiders board from poster MrBsWax. Wax always finds an interesting perspective on the Hogs, and is a good read.

From the "I don't know if I needed to know that" department, here's a list of teams in the SEC and the last time each finished in the Top 10 of the final AP Poll:

Florida '00-'01
Alabama '99-'00
Tennessee '99-'00
Georgia '97-'98
Auburn '94-'95
LSU '87-'88
Arkansas '82-'83
Kentucky '77-'78
Ole Miss '69-'70
Miss State '40-'41
South Carolina N/A
Vanderbilt N/A

Holtz's Gamecocks have an outside chance to break into the Top 10 for the first time ever with a blowout win over Ohio State in their bowl game ... Lou is still working his magic.

LSU will likely end up in the Top 10 with a Sugar Bowl victory and will become a force for the foreseeable future in the SEC West by keeping the best Louisiana talent at home ... that is, until the program self-destructs again, which it always does.

After being relegated to the Muzak City Bowl, Georgia might even move down in the polls with a win over Boston College ... a loss and they drop out of the Top 25.

HDN has successfully raised the Razorbacks from the lower echelon of the league to a solid middle-of-the-pack SEC team. I believe 7 to 8 wins a year have become the norm instead of the exception. Unfortunately, just as the Hogs seemed poised to vault into the SEC's elite, an NCAA investigation has reared its ugly head.

Though I think we have the stability (and the coaching staff) to weather this new storm and prevent the program from moving backward - a mediocre recruiting class (as a result) could delay the Razorbacks return to the Top 10 a few more years.

A win over Oklahoma would be nice, but I would trade it for another recruiting class just like last year's in a New York second ... and I'll never doubt HDN's ability to recruit again after this past February.

I'm hopeful because the Matt Jones/Shawn Andrews class was signed on the heels of a 6-6 season and an ugly bowl loss to UNLV. But, then again, Arkansas didn't have a nasty letter from the NCAA hanging over its head when Batman came to visit.

If Nutt and his staff can cap this year with a good showing in the Cotton Bowl (notice I didn't say "win") and a recruiting class that finishes in the top half of the SEC in Otis' opinion (I don't care about anybody elses) ... especially after an incredible turnaround following the 1-3 start ... anybody that still questions whether we have the right guy leading the Razorbacks should be shot on sight!

Next year will be the 20th anniversary of the last time Arkansas finished in the Top 10 of the final AP Poll. I think it's a perfect time to start a new era of the Razorbacks finishing high in the polls!

Remember, win or lose, let's cheer the Hogs as they leave the field after battling Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl. They deserve it after the season they just gave us ... and we have a chance to make a good impression on any recruits watching on TV or at the game (unlike the Texas fans who left early in droves 2 years ago).

See you in Dallas!

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