Green Gives Jones Props

Georgia quarterback David Greene passed for 382 yards to Arkansas quarterback Matt Jones' 181 in the Bulldogs' 20-14 win Saturday night, but that didn't lessen Greene's admiration for his opposite number.

"Jones does some stuff where you say, ‘Are you kidding me?'" Greene marveled. "He rolled out to his right early and threw a 30-yard pass about two inches off the ground and stuck it in his receiver's helmet. He's fun to watch."

Georgia coach Mark Richt picked up the refrain.

"Jones is so elusive on the bootleg or the option," Richt said. "At times he was running down the field all by himself. The biggest turning point was when he couldn't return to the game (with 7 minutes, 40 seconds left). Our defense handled 'em pretty good after that. Hopefully he isn't hurt too bad."

Bulldogs rover Greg Blue sounded relieved when Jones had to leave the game.

"He's so hard to play against," Blue said. "You don't know what he's going to do. You just have to stay focused and stay on your man."

Blue lost his focus early, long enough to exchange pleasantries with Arkansas freshman split end Marcus Monk after one of Monk's four catches.

"I just told (Monk) he was real tall but I was coming to get him," Blue said. "He started laughing and walked on by."

Shortly afterwards, Blue was flagged 15 yards for a late hit -- one of nine Georgia penalties for 80 yards that Richt said will cost the Bulldogs more "gassers" in practice this week.

"I was trying to hold the guy up but he fell down," Blue claimed.

Richt had heard it all before, including the previous week when his team had 12 penalties in a 33-3 win over Vanderbilt.

"Tonight I had about three guys trying to lobby me not to run extra next week," Richt said. "I agreed with them (on the calls), but they're going to run anyway. I guess we made progress -- from 12 penalties to nine."

But Georgia regressed in the red zone, getting just two touchdowns in seven chances inside Arkansas' 20. Plus, Andy Bailey missed 2-of-4 field goals, after coming in 8-of-11.

"I just missed them," Bailey said. "It was my fault. I don't know if (Arkansas' timeouts) affected me. I just didn't hit them good."

Bulldogs receiver Fred Gibson, who caught six passes for 169 yards, said, "We struggled some, but I'm just happy, man. Arkansas played a lot of ‘man' at the beginning and we hit a couple of passes over the middle that opened things up."

Greene said Arkansas altered its usual "combo coverages" to a "loose" man coverage.

"They had been pretty predictable before tonight," he said. "But it worked out perfect on the (5-yard touchdown) post to Fred. We were hoping for that coverage and they finally used it. We had been shooting ourselves in the foot. On my fumble, I never saw (Hogs end Jeb Huckeba)."

Greene said the way the game ended "showed our team's character and demeanor. In the second half Arkansas went to more ‘cover 2" and stuffed our running game, actually (25 carries, 40 yards). But no one panicked. We stayed patient and kept playing."

Georgia running backs coach Ken Rucker, who assisted at Arkansas from 1990-92, enjoyed his return.

"This stadium is really something," Rucker said. "You've taken it to a new level. Everyone in the SEC should fashion their facilities after this place."

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