Thoughts from Bluff City

Memphis isn't ready for national foes, after losing to the regional foes it has decided to drop. Arkansas whipped the Tigers, 90-73, at the Pyramid Wednesday night, and here are some thoughts from Dudley Dawson.

Frst of all, I'm tired. This running around the country (Dallas to Fayetteville to Memphis is a tough haul in one day) was much easier when I was younger. But I am glad, I bucked up and made the run over to Memphis after flying back to Fayetteville from Dallas to drop off my crew.

While Memphis is not in the Top 25 now, I am sure they will be there at the end of the year so this will look like an even better win down the line.

I have said it from Day 1 - DaJuan Wagner is the best high school player I have ever seen at the Nike Camp, but he has got realize this is Kelly Wise's team and go through him. The games that they have really played well have been where they have gone inside out and not outside in. He is a phenomenal talent and will be a star in the NBA one day.

That said, Pargo and his friends took clearly wanted this game more than the youngsters from Memphis. And when Arkansas pushed the Tigers around, they whined instead of pushing back. Well, except for Memphis assistant Tony Barbie of course, who did make a beeline to apologize to J.J, Sullinger after the game after their little scuffle.

Memphis coach John Calipari talked about how his team got pushed around in his postgame press conference and challenged their toughness. They just quit when it got 82-73.

Speaking of Sullinger, the kid is a stud who just feeds off hostile crowds. Man is he a keeper. I tried to tell people this after seeing him at the 2000 Nike Camp, but he is even better than I anticipated.

Pargo has had NBA scouts looking at him these last few games and is playing is way onto a roster with that jumper, which has been devastating his foes because it is shot right in their face. But he is better because guys like Dean, Sullinger and now Gipson are stepping up.

Oh, one more thing. Calipari has made no secret of the fact that he wants to drop Arkansas and Ole Miss - regional schools as he calls them - and play more national schools. Hey, I would do it too, especially even with all his talent and all his nice suits, he is 0-2 this year against those regional clubs.

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