Missed Tackle Leads To Game-Winning TD

With hands on his hips, Vickiel Vaughn stared blankly at the replay on the jumbotron.

The Arkansas free safety showed no emotion as he watched South Carolina receiver Troy Williamson spin out of his grasp and sprint to the end zone.

The 14-yard touchdown pass gave the Gamecocks a 35-32 lead and the score stood for the final minute and nine seconds as a late interception ended Arkansas' chances.

Afterwards, Vaughn continued his silence, mostly hiding his face in his hands as he politely declined repeated interview requests.

Cornerback Matteral Richardson, who lined up on Williamson before the snap, blitzed on the play which left Vaughn in man coverage against the speedy receiver, who ran a quick out.

Richardson couldn't get to Syvelle Newton in time as the South Carolina quarterback promptly got rid of it off a three-step drop.

"I felt like I got there and that I was going to tip the ball, but it just went right between my hands," Richardson said. "When I turned around, I just knew Vickiel made the tackle. But you when you go up against guys like (Williamson), there's no room for mistakes.

"And he just capitalized on the mistake."

From Newton's blindside, Hogs defensive end Jeb Huckeba took an inside route to the backfield.

"We were really coming and the pocket was collapsing around him, but we didn't get to him," Huckeba said. "I was diving at the quarterback, but he released it real quick.

"I was on the ground and tried to look up (to see what happen), then I hear the crown getting louder and louder so I was like, ‘Oh, shoot!' and then I saw Williamson running in the end zone."

Hogs linebacker Marcus Whitmore, a South Carolina native, blitzed up the middle.

"I just knew we were going to get the sack," Whitmore said. "But when I saw the ball come out, it just came down to tackling and we didn't tackle well the whole game.

"That's just fundamentals and something we're going to have to correct in practice."

South Carolina read the blitz perfectly. The play was supposed to be a deep fade route, but instead Williamson and Newton wisely checked to the hot route just before the snap.

"Both of them made a great read on the play," said USC quarterbacks coach Skip Holtz.

"At first, I didn't see (Richardson) move," Newton said. "Then, I saw him take three steps and I just laid it out there (for Williamson)."

Richardson still was shaking his head.

"We had it stopped," Richardson said. "It was a dime package where we have extra (defensive backs) on the field because we knew they were going to throw the ball.

"We knew what they were going to do, we just didn't finish."

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