Miscommunication Leads To Interception

LITTLE ROCK -- Miscommunication between a senior quarterback and a freshman receiver led to a key third- quarter turnover for Arkansas during Friday's 43-14 loss to LSU in War Memorial Stadium.

As it turned out, senior quarterback Matt Jones thought freshman receiver Marcus Monk was going to zig when he zagged.

"I thought Monk was going to keep going because of the coverage," Jones said. "But he sat down right as I threw it and it didn't work out."

It was an interception by LSU safety LaRon Landry which killed an Arkansas drive which could have kept the Hogs in the game.

On third-and-5 from the LSU 40, Jones took a snap out of the shotgun and fired a high pass in Monk's direction. Monk, who had ran a dig route on the play, was unable to get to the ball as it was picked off by Landry at the LSU 38.

From Monk's perspective, he thought the ball was overthrown.

"I settled in the hole and I think it just got away from (Jones) a little bit," Monk said. "It floated over my head and the safety was there coming in from the backside to pick it off."

Monk said he felt the double coverage as Landry crept over from the middle of the field to protect deep while cornerback Travis Daniels stepped in front of Monk to force the high pass.

"I could feel the safety coming over, so that's why I settled in the hole," Monk said.

Landry then turned upfield and gained 27 yards on the return before being tackled by DeCori Birmingham and Tony Ugoh at the Arkansas 35.

Landry didn't think the ball was overthrown, adding that he was just in the right position to make the interception.

"The coaches put me in position to make those plays in practice and I just did those things in the game," Landry said. "It was not overthrown. I was just right there in the slot to make the play."

Jones still was looking for Monk to break off his short route and fade deeper into the secondary.

"I didn't think I threw it too high," Jones said. "Even if I did, I still thought Monk (who's 6-foot-6) was going to be able to go up and get it.

"We just didn't get hooked up right."

With solid field position, LSU needed just five plays to reach the end zone on quarterback Marcus Randall's 1-yard run which made it 34-14 and put the game out of reach for the Razorbacks.

"That play kept Arkansas from getting field position and momentum," said cornerback Ronnie Prude, who picked off a pass in the fourth quarter. "Our line did a good job of getting a push and that's what made that play."

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