Broyles Back At Work

FAYETTEVILLE -- Arkansas athletic director Frank Broyles returned to work Tuesday and said he felt "wonderful" after a four-day hospital stay.

The 79-year-old was released from Washington Regional Medical Center on Monday and said his heart was back in rhythm after undergoing a 10-minute procedure, called a cardio version. Broyles said his heart was shocked in order to correct an irregular heartbeat that had persisted since October, around the time his wife, Barbara, died due to complications from Alzheimer's disease.

"I didn't know I had (an irregular heartbeat)," Broyles said. "That's the amazing thing. I just felt my pulse one day and realized it was irregular.

"I could've gone on and been fine. I would have had to stay on a blood thinner and check it on a regular basis."

Doctors prescribed blood thinners in October hoping they would help regulate Broyles' heartbeat. But after 30 days without improvement, another hospitalization was scheduled last weekend so doctors could try other medicines and procedures.

Broyles said he won't have to undergo another cardio version if he avoids stress, sticks to his diet and exercises on a regular basis. Broyles, who said he was "in heaven" back at work, has changed medications and got in his normal workout in the Broyles Center on Tuesday afternoon.

"They have two ways," Broyles said of the treatment he received during his four-day hospital stay. "They change the medicine. If that doesn't work then they go with cardio version, which is shock treatment. It lasted about 10 minutes and I was back in perfect rhythm and I'm feeling wonderful."

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