Broyles Says There Is No Perfect Way

FAYETTEVILLE -- Arkansas athletic director Frank Broyles was a little surprised to hear The Associated Press had pulled its well-known Top 25 poll out of the Bowl Championship Series formula on Tuesday.

But the 79-year-old Broyles doesn't believe the decision will damage the BCS or move the NCAA one step closer to implementing a playoff system.

"We've got good leadership," Broyles said. "We've got commissioners. We've got AD's and college presidents on that committee. They'll work out something. If not, we'll just disband (the BCS) completely and go back like we were.

"In my judgment, we will not go to the playoff. Two of the conferences have told the NCAA that if they go to a playoff, they will have their own playoff. They will have their own bowl against each other and not participate with it."

The AP decision came after a controversial year in which three teams from major conferences -- Southern Cal, Oklahoma and Auburn -- finished the 2004 regular season undefeated. Southern Cal and Oklahoma were first and second, respectively, in the BCS standings and selected to play for the national championship in the Orange Bowl on Jan. 4.

Auburn finished third and will play Virginia Tech in the Sugar Bowl on Jan. 2.

Broyles said he was sorry to see that AP will pull its poll out of the BCS equation, but believes any discussion regarding college football is healthy for the game.

Broyles, who is firmly against a playoff system, isn't sure what the future holds for the BCS after Tuesday's news. But he is positive there will never be a perfect solution to the ongoing championship debate that will satisfy everyone involved.

"There's going to be people objecting to whatever formula we have, even if you go to the playoff system, which I'm firmly against," Broyles said. "If there's eight teams that are selected (for a playoff) or 16 teams, then the next 10 are going to be mad and say that they should've been selected. There is no perfect way in college.

"I personally support having one, two or three national champions. I don't think we have to have one national champion. I think that if there's two or three teams that deserve it, vote them that way. One way vote them the national champion, another vote them another way. I don't think that hurts. I think the discussion we're having about it is encouraging and makes people talk about college football and brings it to the front and doesn't do any harm whatsoever.

"There is no perfect way in college. Even a playoff is not a perfect way."

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