Dean's Status Changes

Arkansas may have another weapon for Wednesday's game at Georgia. Coach Nolan Richardson calls it "a shot in the arm."

Arkansas guard Brandon Dean wore a Superman shirt when he outdunked everyone at Midnight Madness. Apparently, there really is a bit of Superman in the senior guard.

Doctors thought the knee sprain that Dean sustained Saturday night against Ole Miss might keep him out up to one month. After another checkup Monday, Dean is now listed as only "questionable" for Wednesday's game at Georgia.

"I'd think he may play a little Wednesday night, and a little more on Saturday against Florida," Nolan Richardson said. "It's a mircaculous recovery from what I can tell."

Trainer Dave England said, "There wasn't much swelling. He does have a sprain to the medial collateral ligament on the outside of his right knee and a bruise to the bone in the same area. I'd say he's questionable right now. Yes, I'm surprised."

Dean was withheld from practice Monday, but he did ask if he could do some work on the treadmill, something England thought would be saved for Tuesday.

"He's to the point right now where I wouldn't rule out him playing, but I'll still list him as questionable," England said. "We'll know more on Tuesday, but I think he will play. He does have a knee sprain. The MRI did show there was a sprain to the MCL, but it wasn't a bad sprain and the knee did not swell. That was the key. It's not a case of him being tougher than we thought. When he woke up he didn't have swelling and he didn't have pain. That's why you never know until the next day, and in this case, a couple of days."

Richardson added, "This is like a shot in the arm for our team. We needed some good news. Of course, he won't be full speed. I don't know at what level he can play, but he isn't going to miss a month like we once thought. If he missed a month, then his conditioning was good and it would pretty much be over by the time he came back. That's not the case now. He's not going to miss much as far as conditioning."

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