Nolan Changes Lineups

Arkansas coach Nolan Richardson contemplates a lineup change for the Hogs' trip to play red-hot Georgia in Athens on Wednesday.

Nolan Richardson will change lineups for the trip to Georgia in hopes of finding a better inside presence. The focus will be on getting more forwards on the floor, and more touches for Alonzo Lane.

"We are guard heavy," Richardson said. "And, our guards are taking all the shots. Alonzo got two shots against Ole Miss and made both of them. He's not getting the ball."

With Brandon Dean questionable, Richardson said he will "probably" start Jannero Pargo and T. J. Cleveland at the guards to go with a three-forward set of Lane, Dionisio Gomez and Berry Jordan.

"We are going to try to stop the bleeding," Richardson said. "To do that, we are going to start more forwards. The thing that has to be fixed is the stickbacks. We are giving up too much on the offensive boards. That is our biggest problem right now. We are losing the possession game. That's been the problem the last three games.

"The four games before that, we were winning the possession game. We were playing more guards and we they were getting some rebounds. Pargo got eight boards against Memphis. But, our guards haven't been getting two rebounds total in the last few games. If they aren't rebounding, we have to go to forwards.

"We have to limit teams to one shot. That's the focus. And, our shot selection with the guards had become poor. So, we'll go with forwards.

"Pargo shot 12 times against Ole Miss. That in itself isn't a problem. But, where the shots came (in the shot clock) wasn't good. They were quick shots. He'd make one, and then shoot it quickly at the other end. He thought he was feeling it. Well, that can jump up and bite you."

Richardson said he would start Cleveland because he's the best true point guard on the team.

"He is the best at getting the ball to Shaq on the block," Richardson said. "He's a true point guard. He can do some things without scoring that help our team. And, we have to get him going. He's been coming into the game when we were pressing or trying to catchup and he was not in the flow."

Richardson said Matt Jones is closer to helping the hog basketballers, but he does not want to put too much pressure on his new player.

"He's still getting the football out of him," Richardson said. "I don't want everyone to expect too much out of him too soon. He may need a few more workouts."

Jones played one minute in the first half of the Ole Miss game, exiting after a pass he threw was knocked out of bounds by the Rebels.

"I was going to play him, but it looked like a difficult situation to me, and I didn't want his confidence to be shot in one game," Richardson said. "Our team was not in a flow, and I decided to take him out. It wasn't so much him, as what was going on around him. That one time he was looking for someone to pass it to, but no one was moving. That's not his fault.

"Matt is getting there. I thought he had two very good practices last week and I thought he was ready to play. He was starting to get the aggressiveness it takes to play basketball.

"He's not real quick. He's extremely fast when he gets to running. And, he doesn't always look aggressive. But, he was starting to get aggressive in our practices. That's what I am looking to see ... if he's aggressive. He's seeing unbelievable quickness on the floor right now in our league and with our team. And, I think it's going to help him in football to become quicker.

"It's just a matter of time for Matt. He's got great hands, he knows the game and he has some skills. Who knows, his time may come Wednesday night at Georgia? But, I didn't want to leave him in that game Saturday and have his confidence shot for the rest of the season.

"I played football and then went to basketball. I know how hard it is to do that. He's still got some football left in him. For some guys, it takes a little time. I think he's getting close to having the football out of him."

Richardson said Monday that he hadn't studied tape of Georgia because he "was busy trying to fix our problems. But, I know what they have. They are good, and playing very well. They just won at Kentucky and Florida. That's enough to know they are very talented. I say this every week, there are no gimmes in the SEC. But, we are going to go there to get a win. We won't back down. And, we seem to play better on the road than we do at home anyway. Heck, I worry more about home games than road games with this team."

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