Otis Kirk Chat Summary

Here are some notes from Otis Kirk's chat in the HI.com chat room, and an explanation from the publisher on the chat situation overall.

Editor's Note: I took notes during Otis' chat. I think these are his comments. I think you should be able to follow what went on. I don't think I missed any of his answers, so you won't miss much. I am just typing the responses, with enough information so you can understand ... without the questions.

Also, on the whole chat situation, I'd like to share some thoughts so you'd know what we've been through in pulling this off. First, we wanted to use the Yahoo chat because they have been good to help with a couple of things, and they were the first to offer their chat script. We were told it had an unlimited capacity, and accepted their offer. They are a partner in our network, so it seemed like a good fit. But, the chat we were given last week ... and the one we asked you to join ... had problems. First, the chat room had a limit of 20, and we discovered that over the weekend during a chat on the fly. We came back to Yahoo and asked for a bigger room, and were told that would take a few days, maybe a few weeks. They informed us that the chat we had was unlimited ... in that new rooms would be formed as we went over the 20 limit. That would not work since Otis can be in only one room. So we began to look elsewhere while Yahoo worked on the solution for a later date. We tried several chat scripts Monday, hoping to have a chat room ready by Tuesday morning. We did settle on a script from Parachat. We made that work, providing links to both the Insiders board and the Hawg Lounge Tuesday morning. Some made it in, some didn't. Apparently, the limit on Parachat is 70 and we filled up. Also, some went to the Yahoo chat. I should have had a second browser opened at the Yahoo chat to point the folks that came there to go to the link for the Parachat with Otis.

In summary, we have worked long and hard for the proper chat solution. We have discussed the problems with the chat on the message boards. I had to make a call yesterday on whether to cancel the chat because of the limits that the Yahoo and Parachat scripts possessed, and decided to try to do the chat as best we could because so many of you wanted to try.

The good news is that the chats are a popular feature. We have around 200 signed up for the Yahoo group, and we will get to use that feature at some point. We did have around 70 in the chat for most of the morning. That's about as many as can actively participate. Any more and they fall apart. Thanks for those who joined us, and my apologies to those who didn't make it in.

I've gotten several offers to help set up a chat room since the chat concluded, with suggestions of better options. I wish I had those offers on Monday when we presented on the boards that we had a problem with the limit. I did have one person offer to help, and I gave my email, but got no response.

--Clay Henry, HI.com Publisher

Chat Summary

These are straight quotes from Otis:

The Hogs will try to land two more commitments from a list of offensive linemen that includes Tony Ugoh, Antonio Sanders, Antonio Mercier, Merci Falaise, Jacob Pitman, Josiah Vinson and Max Jean-Giles.

The rumor that David Thompson's scholarship was jerked is false. It was never pulled.

John Johnson's commitment has nothing to do with DeAngelo Williams.

Brian Johnson and Edmond Miles is not a package deal. (They are both from the same Tallahassee high school.)

John Johnson can play a lot of spots, but Williams is a tailback and won't play other spots.

Chris Baker will be a Hog.

The Hogs have not told Desmond Sims to look elsewhere.

The Hogs would like to take two more offensive linemen, but if the right ones commit ... they'd take three more.

Shawn Andrews will not move to defense.

With Greg Jones, it's either Arkansas or Tennessee ... and it's real tight now, too close to call. He has not set a timetable for making the decision. It could be today, or it may be awhile.

It does appear that Willie Henderson upset some Tennessee folks with his comments that he will continue to make visits even though he says he's committed to UT.

Houston Nutt's in-home visit with LaRon Harris went well. It was this week.

John Johnson can run 10.31 in the 100 meters. Idon't have a 40 time on him, but don't need it. That's a really fast 100 meter time.

Bobby Payne will not qualify. From the beginning it was a juco/prep school thing with Payne. He won't be in this class of signees. You can sign more than the 23 that are available, you just can't bring them all to school. So that's not a factor.

Justin Miller will come down to Clemson, Florida, Tennessee and Arkansas. Some say Arkansas leads. That could be right.

Houston Nutt has his in-home scheduled with Vickiel Vaughn for Wednesday night.

Lonnie Davis likely will be the only tight end signed.

The Hogs did not offer Kevin Joyce or Blake Pettit.

If the Hogs can get Chris Baker and Justin Miller, they will be done with wide receivers.

The private commitment is still taking visits, but still on board.

Robert Franklin cannot take a track scholarship and still play football. NCAA rules prevent that.

Justin Miller is considered a wide receiver recruit.

The Hogs are probably leading for Edmond Miles, but Iowa is still hot after him.

Marvin Byrdsong's visit to LSU for this weekend is not a bad sign for the Hogs.

Max Jean-Jiles visits Miami this weekend, and is the clear leader. I think he'll end up at Miami.

LaRon Harris is either Auburn or Arkansas. I think Tennessee is out of that race.

It's too early to compare classes. It could be a good one if things fall right at the end. I wait until after they sign to rate them.

The defensive linemen still out there are Aaron Scranton, LaRon Harris and Greg Jones. I don't know why the Hogs waited so late to offer Scranton. I liked him from the start.

Michael Coe can play wide receiver or defensive back.

Eugene Cosart can play tailback, fullback, linebacker or safety.

The group that visited at Arkansas last week was probably the best that's ever come in here in one group. Out of that 14, there were some awesome athletes, with possibly the exception of two players.

Aaron Scranton is down to Arkansas and Georgia Tech.

The jewel of this class is Lonnie Davis, but Lucas Jackson and Dedrick Poole are also rated very highly.

Houston Nutt's in-home with Lonnie Davis was Monday and it went well.

Chris Baker, Justin Miller and John Jackson are all game breakers at wide reciever, and I like Coe and Thompson a lot, too. This is a good group of WRs.

Houston Nutt did his in-home with Edmond Miles earlier this week, and it went well.

I think Reggie McNeal is an Aggie, no matter what other rumors you hear.

Note: David Garvin from the Insiders Recruiting Network was also in the chat room. When the McNeal question popped about him possibly still going to Arkansas, Otis asked David Garvin for his thoughts.

David Garvin responded, "You hear a lot of things (on McNeal), and I don't know what's true and what is not true."


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