Commentary: Dudley's Take basketball writer Dudley E. Dawson watched Arkansas' 81-67 loss at Georgia. And, as most already know, it wasn't a pretty sight.

First of all, be glad that it was not televised because it was not pretty to watch and would have just added to the frustration level that you are experiencing now.
It was painful to watch in person and I really have no vested interest in whether it ended up being a win or a loss.

The Razorbacks (10-8, 2-4) played as hard as they possibly could and never gave up, but that doesn't help a whole lot when you can't throw it in the ocean.
They shot 27 percent in the first half - which tied a season low - and 34 percent for the game, which set a new season low-water mark. They were 6-of-25 from 3-point range and tossed up an embarrasing 8 airballs.

"It was horrible," Arkansas head coach Nolan Richardson said of the loss. "Any time you shoot the way we did tonight, we aren't going to beat anybody...We were missing point blank shots and our big guys gave us no baskets. Their three big guys gave them 48 points and 28 rebounds and we couldn't match that at all and I thought that was the biggest difference in the game."

Arkansas, the same team that at the first of the year was going toe-to-toe with Top 25 foes, was never a factor on Wednesday night while this team became the first Razorback team to ever lose four straight SEC games.

"It's like starting out 0-3 (last season)," Richardson said. "This team has set a lot of records for us...That is the inconsistency we have had with this whole group from the start. It's been up and down, not only this year, but last year and the year before.

"You wonder what it would have been like with (former Razorbacks) Chris Jefferies and Joe Johnson with these guys - how good could they be?" Richardson continued. "Those are players who are going to play on the next level and you've now got kids who are going to be spot players and now they are supposed to be the superstars."

I think Brandon Dean, who scored eight points in 21 minutes after at first being expected to be out a month with a new injury, summed up things best.

"There are so many combinations of things going wrong right now," Arkansas senior guard Brandon Dean said. "We eliminate on thing and then something else hinders us. I don't understand it. We try our best to fix one area and then another falls for us and then we have to go try and fix that and then another area. Right now we are searching for answers, searching for a solution."

Georgia (16-3, 5-1) is the best team I have seen in person all year- better than Illinois, better than Oklahoma, better than Oklahoma State and so on.
While those teams may beat them on a given night, they are well-coached and extremely efficent.

The player of the year in this conference right now is not Tayshaun Prince and it's not Udonis Haslem. It's Jarvis Hayes, who had 21 points and 10 rebounds Wednesday night and who has now led Georgia wins at Kentucky, at Florida and over Arkansas.

The Razorback locker room was morbid - which is a good sign after four losses and the way they played on Wednesday.

Something would be very wrong if they were any smiles or laughter whatsoever.
Next up Florida and then Alabama. This could get real ugly.

"That's not the Arkansas team that you'll see in the SEC Tournament," Georgia coach JIm Harrick said. "They are going through something we all go through. He'll (Richardson) get them going. He is a great coach."

Nolan Richardson is a great coach, but I am just not so sure this time.

My bet is 10-10 and 2-6 after Wednesday night.

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