Post of the Day: Biggus Piggus

Here are some thoughts from board regular Biggus Piggus on where Arkansas is headed in football. It was a reply to some commentary Clay Henry posted on the Insiders Premium Board. Biggus Piggus is a big Razorback fan, as his nickname suggests.

It's pretty much impossible to go from recruiting middling players to top-tier prospects overnight. It's an incremental process that is so difficult and requires so much patience that most schools stay forever slotted where they've always been. Arkansas is a rare situation that has been top tier in the past, so it should be a little easier (but not much) to move up again. What makes it easier is (1) high school coaches will take you seriously and (2) a fantastic support system (facilities, alumni) is in place.

Among schools that try to upgrade, some don't have the money to sustain the push. Others have the money but can't keep the coach, can't get a coach to commit to the long-term plan. HDN is committed to the plan and won't flee like a rat for the first shiny new opportunity. He's not one of those guys who will come in saying he loves being here, but secretly thinking that he'd drop us like a hot potato if a more visible school came calling.

We'll get what we get this year, and as long as we fill a few desperate needs next season will be set up. Then we should be a seriously badass football team in 2002, with playmakers at every skill position, and a defense that eats men alive. You can recruit off something like that. Then the sales pitch sounds even more credible, which starts to build momentum.

We cannot win this recruiting game in one year. It takes commitment. HDN has given it to us, and I sure hope we all give it back to him.

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