Commentary: Le Swine Opine

Recruiting time has hit with full fury. Maybe it's time to recognize that we may not know about these players for awhile ... whether or not they are going to be stars or not for the Razorback football team. Born is a regular poster in the Insider Premium board.

Ok, pilgrims and torch carriers, lets hold it right there before we torch the castle or burn effigys.

For all the pomp and thunder, all the supposed lightning and such around recruiting classes, it is still a gamble at best.

Add to that, that the difference between the no. 3 DL and the no. 15 DL on any recruiting list is marginal at best.

If in any class with 20+ signees, you get an average of 10 that make it onto the 2-deep at some point in their collegiate career, you are doing extremely well.

Granted, if you start out with better prospects as defined by better overall ratings, you seem to have a better competitive chance.

However, starting with potential is only about 30% of the equation. Add at least 20% for individual motivation, 45% for coaching and development, and at least 5% for luck, which can superced all others.

If a player is not motivated to do well or to play at his hardest, all they will be labelled as is potential. a former OL signee and a former QB signee define this part.

If the player simply does not develop and/or coaching is suspect, then all the potential in the world will not help you. We have seen this in every program in the country. A player performs like gang busters in high school or in his frosh/soph year, then simply coasts. It means they peaked as a player those years, and will not be any better.

Finally, luck. This is mainly an injury factor, which can superced all others. Classic cases in point are J Strain and Ricky Johnson. J is the penultimate TE, but he has been injury prone to a fault. Ricky Johnson, DL line signee converted to OL, was neck and neck with Burlsorth in 1996 and 1997. After yet another knee injury/sprain, he transferred to Sam Houston State(?), to play out his college years as a DL in a smaller classification.

So, the conclusion to all this verbage is this..

As long as you are getting prospects that are generally well thought of as potential college players at a D-1 level, don't sweat the headlines and who might sign where. Don't get caught up in recruiting rankings, whether this guy is the no. 5 Rush DE or the no. 17 rush DE.

Just be glad that the players who sign are ready to cast their lots with the Razorbacks, and hope they have the commitment and dedication of a Burlsworth, the aggressiveness of a Bua or Hamlin, and the readiness to step in and play of a Jones or Andrews.

Anything beyond that is a recruiting reward to be treasured.


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