Townes, Jones Crack Starting Lineup

BATON ROUGE, La. -- As anticipated, Arkansas coach Stan Heath changed his starting lineup against LSU on Wednesday night, with mostly positive results.

Steven Hill and Olu Famutimi, the only Razorbacks who had started all 17 previous games, gave way in the opening lineup to Darian Townes, making just his second start, and Michael Jones, making his first start.

Jones scored 15 points and was the focal figure in the controversy near the end of regulation, as he was credited with a 2-point shot that sent the game to overtime.

Famutimi added 13 points off the bench, while Townes had 4 points and 5 rebounds and Hill contributed 1 rebound, with 3 fouls.

Jim Hawthorne, the LSU radio play-by-play announcer, made it just two-and-a-half minutes into Wednesday's game before losing his voice completely.

A Tigers fan offered Hawthorne a Chloraseptic, but Hawthorne had to give way to Charlie Hanagriff, who had stepped in for him a few times before when Hawthorne had a football conflict.

Hawthorne wasn't the only inaudible LSU announcer. Before the game, the public address man could barely be heard during the player introductions.

"What's wrong with the P.A. system?!" bellowed an indignant LSU fan.

During a timeout, various couples were shown by "Kiss Cam" on LSU's big screen above the court at the Pete Maravich Assembly Center. Each couple was encouraged by fans to kiss, and most happily complied.

But when the camera twice showed Ramona Heath, wife of UA coach Stan Heath, sitting next to Atlanta Hawks scout Rodney Heard behind Arkansas' bench, naturally no kiss was forthcoming either time.

At halftime, Heard chuckled and said, "Stan is a good friend of mine."

Mrs. Heath, noting that the camera man was laughing, wondered if every visiting coach's wife appears on Kiss Cam at LSU.

But Kent Lowe, the LSU associate sports information director for basketball, said the big screen is actually operated by "people across the street," and he doubted that the camera operators knew the woman on screen was Mrs. Heath.

"I'm going to tell them," Lowe said. "They'll get a kick out of it."

Arkansas, after scoring just 10 points in the first 15 minutes, 7 seconds, then scored eight in the next 1 minute, 10 seconds...

The Hogs have just two more games that will not be televised this season: at South Carolina on Feb. 2 and at Auburn on March 5...

LSU's next game is against Kentucky at 12:30 p.m. Saturday on CBS. Arkansas hosts Auburn at 1:05 p.m. Saturday...

The Hogs' 1990-91 team, which set the school record with 229 blocked shots in a season, had 120 after 18 games. This year's UA team has 115 blocks through 18 games...

LSU coach John Brady, joking about the end-of-regulation controversy, said, "I was telling them (the officials) to call traveling (on Jones) and let's go home."...

The Tigers have four players from Baton Rouge: 6-foot freshman guard David Fleshman, 6-8 forward Brandon Bass, 6-9 freshman forward Glen Davis and 6-8 sophomore forward Darnell Lazare...

LSU boosters are spending $3 million for a new habitat for Mike the Tiger, their mascot.

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