Otis Kirk Chat Summary: 1/29

Here is the summary from Otis Kirk's internet chat from 1/29. This is verbatim from Kirk, HI.com's football recruiting editor.

Here are Otis Kirk's thoughts from the chat that was held Tuesday morning at HI.com. This is all verbatim from Otis Kirk:

The Chat Summary

Brian Johnson told me Monday night that he would make a decision either Wednesday or Thursday.

Marvin Byrdsong entertained the entire Mississippi State defensive staff last night, and will hear from Houston Nutt tonight. Marvin said it looks good for Arkansas, but Houston has some ground to cover with Marvin's mother.

DeAngelo Williams may not have his press conference today. It's a close call with either Arkansas or Ole Miss.

Eugene Cosart tried to commit last night. If Williams picks Ole Miss, he will commit to Arkansas.

Chris Baker is taking his time. I still think it will be Arkansas, but maybe Iowa. I will be surprised if it is Iowa, but not shocked. I still rate Baker as the No. 1 player in the state.

Arkansas will take only one quarterback, Cedric Washington. I rated the Texas quarterbacks this way: Vincent Young, Cedric Washington and then Reggie McNeal. Reggie McNeal will not come to Arkansas. And, the rumors about John Outlaw coming to Arkansas are false. Arkansas has no coaching openings. (Outlaw is Reggie McNeal's high school coach.)

There will be no visitors at Arkansas this weekend.

Cedric Washington is as solid a commitment as Arkansas has.

Arkansas canceled Traverous Bain's visit. He will not be offered.

Houston Nutt will be in Reggie Bank's home tonight in Shreveport, then move to Longview to be in Marvin Byrdsong's home later in the night.

It appears the Hogs might over sign, but by how many, I don't know.

Sammy Olajabutu, Jonathan Barry and Charles Walker are the most underrated players on the Arkansas recruiting list.

I don't think Lonnie Davis is a solid commitment at this point. He is hearing lots of questions in his hometown about why would he go to Arkansas over Florida State, and has only his mother to tell him he should go to Arkansas. Chris Vaughn will be in his home this week, along with the home of Brian Johnson. But those who say he didn't commit to Arkansas, are liars. Lonnie Davis committed to me, Jamie Newberg, Rivals and other reporters that called him. No one made that up.

If Lonnie Davis does not sign with Arkansas, the Hogs will wait until next year to sign a juco TE at midterm. They will not sign a second tier tight end in this class.

Iowa coaches told Chris Baker that Arkansas is running the wishbone, and that's false. Baker is uncommitted.

Arkansas has a real shot at Reggie Banks. He committed to Arkansas first.

I'll answer Marcus Whitmore questions next week. I promise.

They will take both Reggie Banks and Brian Johnson. It is not an either/or deal with them.

Arkansas has plenty of cornerbacks, but would love to have Jason Carter. It's not a worry either way. But, he called me at 7:30 this morning to say he was still considering Arkansas.

On Justin Miller, I think it's a 34-33-33 deal between Arkansas, Clemson and Tennessee ... but I can't tell you who would be the 34.

Aaron Scranton is still a possibility. I think he wants to say close to home, but he really likes Arkansas.

Marvin Byrdsong must pass the test, but he's as close as plenty of others on both the Arkansas and Texas commit lists, and has a shot to make it.

LaRon Harris is still considering Arkansas.

Arkansas is no longer recruiting Antonio Sanders. If they get Brian Johnson, that's it for offensive linemen. If not, they may go for Mitch Nuckolls. Nuckolls, at this point, does not want to walkon. He played defensive tackle in high school, and has the footwork. He's a basketball player. He needs some strength, but he has great potential. He could be a great one.

As far as the highlights in this class so far, Getting Tony Ugoh and Vickiel Vaughn away from Oklahoma is huge. Cedric Washington is also especially big. Arkansas will have a big surprise at the end, and that will put this class over the top. The big surprise will be a lineman.

Alex Pou and Max Jean-Giles are not an option. They are gone.

Willie Henderson is solid for Memphis.

I think James Johnson, in last year's class, is as good as Gregg Jones. I like them both. They are both fine players.

Jonathan Barry is very good.

DeAngelo Williams could play early at both Arkansas and Mississippi.

I still think Chris Baker is coming to Arkansas, but I don't give any guarantees.

Arkansas is still recruiting players that say they are committed to other schools.

End of chat summary

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