Richardson Press Conference: Alabama Game

Arkansas (11-8, 3-4) travels to No. 8 Alabama (17-3, 5-1) for a 7 p.m., non-televised game on Wednesday. Arkansas is coming off Saturday's 94-92 overtime home victory over No. 4 Florida while the Crimson Tide is coming off a 64-61 win at Kentucky.

"Maurice Williams is having a great year. I thought the difference in Alabama being good this year and great was a guard, and they have that guard. They have some guys who will play on the next level. Alabama has always had superb athletes and this year they are more mature. We probably will not find another team that can run, jump and shoot like they can.

"(Erwin) Dudley is the kind of player who beats you without you knowing it. He gets nine or 10 rebounds, four or five stick-backs, can hit the 15-foot jumper and he's big. He's always around the ball. He's very, very good. He can pin guys, post and score, and he can play good defense."

Florida recap:

"We made some mistakes going down the stretch we can hopefully correct. We had a guy get an open shot, so we have to see why that happened. We had a two-point lead and a guy drives the length of the floor for a layup, and we stopped the clock when we shouldn't have. Other than that, we executed well and we certainly scored enough points, which is something we had not done in a while. Udonis (Haslem) was a man playing with boys and Brett (Nelson) had an exceptional night. We played as hard as we can play. Our zone movement was much better. With Mike (Jones) and (Carl) Baker in the game, we have another shooter in the game."

Keys for Arkansas:

"The area we must be good at is making teams turn the ball over so we can get some easy baskets, tip-ins and put-backs. We will still be limited in the rebounding department and at the free throw line. If we can get those cheap baskets, hit jump shots and get a few stick-backs, and keep the game running for 40 minutes, then we have a chance.

"We need good pressure and good rotation, and we have to limit second-chance points. Our preparation is the same day in and day out. The only thing that changes is the players. My approach is different than most coaches. I think if you work hard and get players in the right spots, that your chances are better.

"We will do everything in our power to make sure our players have the commitment (to this style of play). They saw what they have to do to win. I can talk about it all I want, but it may not register. They may not understand. You have to show them the lesson and the only way to get the lesson is on the floor. Does that mean we'll win every game? Not necessarily, but at least we have a chance. Some people may think it's luck, but you have to put yourself in a position to be lucky. I would rather be lucky than good. Good isn't always good enough, but lucky is always good enough."

Arkansas-Alabama series:

"This is always a big game. Most of the great games we've had since we've been in the SEC have been with Alabama and Kentucky. If you look at the NBA rosters and count the number of Alabama players, you know Alabama has always been and will always be a team with talent. Their fans will be there Wednesday."

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