Jefferson Settles into Role

Dontell Jefferson is back in the rotation for the Arkansas basketball team, just not on the point.

Arkansas guard Dontell Jefferson had one of his better games, his teammates said after the 62-47 victory over Georgia. And, it's making it easier on everyone.

"In the SEC, you need lots of options, lots of help," said Ronnie Brewer. "You saw what Georgia tried to do to start the second half, the box-and-one. But I don't mind being the decoy if it opens things up for my teammates.

"We need more than just me and Darian Townes to have big games. Tonight we got some nice help from Dontell Jefferson and then Jonathon Modica has done it for a couple of games in a row. That's big for us."

Jefferson scored five points with two assists in 20 minutes, mostly at the off-guard position.

"I was ready to play the point if Ronnie or Eric (Ferguson) needed me," Jefferson said. "I told them to tell me and I'd come get (the point). But they didn't need me. What they did need is someone to get open so we could start the offense and that was my job tonight. I hit some shots, but I was just trying to take advantage of their defense. The mid-range shot was there.

"I've had good practices lately and I feel I'm getting better and able to help our team. My confidence is coming b back. I just need to keep my focus."

Arkansas coach Stan Heath mentioned the trouble with the first pass, too.

"We weren't getting the entry on the wing to initiate the offense," Heath said. "When we began to get that late in the first half, we went on a 10-0 run."

Heath said the Hogs had not seen a box-and-one defense designed to stop Brewer this season, but had practiced for it.

"We have an offense for that," Heath said. "We just didn't practice it before this game. We got in it and when we got the ball in to Darian Townes on our third possession, they got out of it."

Heath said he had been told of the comments about Georgia's physical and dirty play from other SEC coaches, but didn't see it.

"Physical, yes," Heath said. "Dirty, no. Both teams were physical. I thought it was a hard-fought game and that's what we expected. But Georgia played it the way you are supposed to play it. We knew it was going to be tough.

"It wasn't a pretty game, but we never thought Georgia would be easy."

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