Missing McCurdy

University of Arkansas point guard signee Sean McCurdy (6-1, 180) updates his injury status and talks about his part in a new book about legendary St. Anthony's head coach Bob Hurley and the team's 30-0 season last year.

There seems little doubt that both St. Anthony's (N.J.) High School and the University of Arkansas could have used Sean McCurdy on the floor this season.

But the heady 6-1, 180-pound point guard almost certainly will not play a minute this season as he continues to rehab a foot injury that happened during preseason practice and his next game will likely be as a Razorback.

"We only have two games left in the regular season and the state playoffs and I have got to think about the future and make sure it is fully healed," McCurdy said. "So I really don't see that happening now."

McCurdy, who averaged 15 points and 8 assists as a junior and led his team to a 30-0 mark and then had a great AAU summer, actually had a doctor's appointment for an update on Wednesday, but that got pushed back.

"Right before I went the doctor got called into emergency surgery so I won't see him now until next Tuesday," McCurdy said. "I feel like it's better, but it's still sore. I am putting weight on it now, but still using a cane to help out sometimes."

He admits to being frustrated, but the young man - who was also recruited by Maryland, UMass, Stanford and Memphis to name a few - is resigned to the notion that he can't rush things.

"I had really wanted to play some this year, but now I look at it as a deal where I need to just get it totally healthy and be ready to play at Arkansas next season," McCurdy said. "I want to be ready to make a difference right away."

McCurdy is considered the first true point guard that Razorback head coach Stan Heath has signed during his short tenure at Arkansas.

"That's certainly the way I look at myself," McCurdy said. "My first job is to run a team and make sure the scorers get the ball in the positions that can best score. You also need to be an extension of the coach on the floor, a leader who makes sure everything goes how it is supposed to be out there on the floor."

McCurdy is one of several players featured in the Adrian Wojnarowski's new book "The Miracle of St. Anthony: A Season with Coach Bob Hurley and Basketball's Most Improbable Dynasty."

It chronicles St. Anthony's 30-0 season and Hurley's 32 seasons of winning state and national championship.

"I'm about half way through it," McCurdy said. "It's a bit shocking. I think a couple of things were misdirected. But overall, I think it seems like a pretty good book."

McCurdy, who knows Heath is planning to give him an opportunity to make an immediate impact, has certainly kept up with Arkansas this season.

"I think they are really coming together," McCurdy said. "I can't wait to get there and be a part of the program. It's going to be a lot of hard work, but I can't wait to help out."

Hurley was certainly complimentary of McCurdy when he signed with Arkansas back in November.

"I don't think there is a more firey, physical, strong point guard in this class than Sean and he gets the fact that great point guards are made from the neck up," Hurley said. "His strength and fitness level are second to none. He can really shoot the ball, handle it, dives for loose balls constantly and is one of these guys who can take it to the hoop, take contact and not left it affect him.

"He is also of the mindset that the other players get publicity during the year, but the point guard gets recognition at the end of the year if his team is successful," Hurley continued. "That's all that matters to Sean is winning."

McCurdy, still sporting over a 4.0 grade point average, is also the consummate student-athlete according to Hurley.

"He is the number one student in his class," Hurley said. "That tells you a lot about him off the court. He has the same drive to succeed in the classroom and he does. He is just intensely competitive in every thing he does."

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