Otis Kirk Chat Summary

Here are the highlights from the internet chat conducted by HI.com Recruiting Editor Otis Kirk one day before signing day.

To start off with, here's the big news of the morning, Sammy Olajubutu has committed to Arkansas.

LaRon Harris is not going to Tennessee. It is my understanding that it is between Arkansas and Auburn right now. Tennessee has 8 defensive line commitments and Harris did the math.

Lonnie Davis told me yesterday that he is not coming, and that's over. He is going to Florida State.

Justin Miller is a lean to Clemson, with Arkansas second. But, he is not committed. He still says he is undecided.

Jason Carter said he will let his mom know something tonight or in the morning. He is undecided.

Bobby Payne will go to a junior college, per the original plan.

The Hogs are due a surprise or two, in my opinion, but they may fall through.

DeAngelo Williams is torn between Arkansas, Ole Miss and Memphis. I don't think Arkansas will get him, but it will be close.

Tony Ugoh is the one recruit the Hogs have to sign, and he was a solid Arkansas commitment as of 10 p.m. last night.

Recruiting does not end for me. I will go to a track meet Saturday to look at juniors.

Reggie Banks should qualify. He took some classes over and has a great chance now.

LaRon Harris is the player last week that I was referencing when I said there was a player that would put this class over the top. Harris' mom wants him to be a Razorback.

If Lonnie Davis had signed with the Hogs, Nathan Ball was to be moved to center. He'll probably stay at tight end now. Gene Perry will play left guard.

I do think Brandon Kennedy can play next year.

I don't know if Jonathan Barry can play tight end that fast ... next season, but Wes Murphy could.

If you offerred me Greg Jones or LaRon Harris, I'd take Harris.

As far as those questioning whether John Jackson can run a 4.2 in the 40, I do know that he's been timed in track (electronically) in 10.3 in the 100 meters. That's plenty fast. Anyone still want to gripe about his speed, or question that 4.2? I doubt he can run an electronic 4.2, but he can run an electronic 4.3.

I love Chris Baker. I always have. John Jackson is vastly underrated. Michael Coe and David Thompson are good, too.

Jason Grimes (Bentonville OT) has a chance to help down the road, if he sticks with it. He will probably walkon.

I like Mitch Nuckolls, but at this point I doubt he gets a scholarship so they aren't signing him.

Richard Smith and George Wilson are not in trouble of losing any playing time. They will play five to six wide receivers.

Aaron Scranton is too good on defense to move to play tight end.

Marcus Whitmore is a stud.

I think Bo Lacy and Shawn Andrews will be the starting offensive tackles, but Tony Ugoh, like Shawn, will compete for playing time early.

Jason Peters has a chance to be a very good tight end, but he better be since they aren't signing a tight end. Peters must learn to play like Aaron Scranton, Charles Walker, Jonathan Barry, etc., with a motor that doesn't stop.

This class has a chance to be as good as last year. Plus, if you look around the SEC, no one signed a class like LSU did last year.

They only intended to sign one JC offensive lineman, and five high school OLs.

Marvin Byrdsong's mother is solid for Mississippi State.

Arkansas went after three quarterbacks. They got one, and also Rhett Lashlee. I do not think that Matt Jones scared away Reggie McNeal or Vincent Young.

I think the Hogs would sign LaRon Harris, Justin Miller, Jason Carter and DeAngelo Williams. All four would get a scholarship.

Someone asked why Brian Johnson would pick LSU with all their stockpiled offensive lineman. I asked him the same thing and didn't really get much of an answer.

I think Rhett Lashlee goes public with his commitment to walkon at Arkansas, but he could still sign with Tulsa. I just think he's a Hog.

I think next year, Arkansas brings Chris Vaughn into Texas along with Dave Wommack to give them five there. And, I think they will hit Louisiana harder, as well as Alabama. I think they can sign linemen from those areas easier than from Florida.

I think Georgia is different from Florida because there is a reasonably priced nonstop flight from Atlanta to NW Arkansas.

Reggie Banks is a solid Arkansas commitment.

I think Marcus Whitmore is a middle linebacker, and the Hogs also have Clarke Moore, Pierre Brown and others who can play middle linebacker.

As far as the NCAA investigation talk, the only player that mentioned that it hurt was Greg Jones. No one else mentioned that it was a factor.

End of Chat

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