Rising Star

Shelton (Ala.) State point guard Tarrance Crump (6-1, 180) is one of the junior college basketball prospects that the University of Arkansas is recruiting.

Shelton (Ala.) State's Tarrance Crump was already getting some interest from major colleges before the National Junior College Athletic Association tournament, but now has many more options to consider after a standout performance at the event.

Arkansas is now one of those schools recruiting Crump, a 6-1, 180-pound point guard who won the Bud Obee Most Outstanding Small Player award at the national juco tournament.

"Because of their style of play and how they want to play up tempo, there is a definitely interest on his part in Arkansas," Shelton State head coach Barry Mohun said Monday. "He is a true point guard and they have told us that appears to be the missing link for them since they have so many other good players coming back."

Crump, who averaged 14.4 and 6.8 assists this season, has already visited Purdue and will meet with Mohun this week to size up where else he wants to visit.

There are certainly a lot of options with Wyoming, Oklahoma, USC, Miami (Fla.), UAB, UTEP and BYU all now also in the mix.

"It's really picked up since the national tournament and his play there," Mohun said. "There were a few on him earlier, but now there is a ton more calling and trying to get him to visit."

Crump, a former Decatur, Ala., prep standout, embodies what a coach wants in a lead guard according to Mohun, who notes he ended up shooting 50 percent overall, 70 percent from the free throw line and 30 percent from 3-point range.

"He really had a good season for us and is a true point guard in every sense," Mohun said. "He is extremely quick in the open court and loves to distribute the ball . He can certainly score as well, but he looks to run the team and pass first more than anything else."

Crump led Shelton State to a 28-6 mark this season that ended with his team splitting four games at the national tournament and finishing eighth.

He led the Shelton State with a 20-point performance in his team's opener at the tournament with his best floor game coming in a 15-point, 9-assist outing in game three.

"We had some injuries and he had to score more for us at the end of the year," Mohan said. "The big thing you like as a coach is he just does whatever it takes to win. That is what he is all about."

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