McCurdy's Comeback

University of Arkansas basketball signee Sean McCurdy has been cleared by a doctor and is now back in the gym working out.

Finally University of Arkansas basketball signee Sean McCurdy is back in the gym with a basketball in his hand, moving around and knocking down jump shots.

After being out since injury his foot in December that caused him to miss his entire senior season, New Jersey prep prospect McCurdy is just taking joy in the little things.

"It's just great being able to be back out there," McCurdy said. "I was totally cleared by the doctor (two weeks ago) and I am just easing myself back into everything. I've been slowly working on getting higher on my jump shot. I'm not jumping as high as I normally would, but I'm getting there."

McCurdy, a 6-1, 180-pound point guard who was part of St. Anthony's 30-0 campaign his junior season, knows just what it is going to take to get back where he needs to be.

"It's simply going to take hard work, hard work that I am willing to put in," McCurdy said. "Certainly it didn't help being out the whole year in terms of development, but it might not have hurt me as much as some people are thinking. That's because I have been playing year round for a lot of years now.

"Not only have I played AAU ball every summer, but my high school team actually went to and played in tournaments and camps during the spring and fall that were not even part of our regular season schedule," McCurdy added. "So it's not that big a deal."

McCurdy averaged 15 points and 8 assists during St. Anthony's undefeated season, a season that was chronicled in the new book "The Miracle of St. Anthony's - a book that the player was not happy about his or his mom's portrayal in.

"I don't even care about that," notes McCurdy, who read about half of it before throwing it away. "I'm just concentrating on getting better and working on being a great player at Arkansas."

McCurdy, who graduates June 4th, will be able to play pick-up games with his new teammates when he moves to Fayetteville in June.

"I don't think I am going to be able to go to the first semester of school, but I will come on down after I graduate and begin playing with and getting used to my new teammates," McCurdy said. "I definitely go to the second semester of summer school and just get my college life underway."

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