Still Crowded In Baum Stadium

FAYETTEVILLE -- A mass of humanity --a gigantic blob of protoplasm -- showed up in Baum Stadium again Saturday.

Yeah, college baseball in the Ozarks has become an addiction, a junkie's highest high.

And despite No. 14 Arkansas losing 7-0 against No. 20 LSU, most people -- the majority Razorbacks fans -- stayed until the bitter end.

That defeat, coupled with a 10-7 loss against the Tigers late Friday night, meant the Razorbacks had surrendered yet another Southeastern Conference series.

To some, it was the ultimate downer.

But not the players.

"We've got to forget it and go on," said Razorbacks senior shortstop Scott Hode. "That's how you play baseball. Tomorrow (today) they are going to come out fighting to get a win and we're going to come out fighting to get a win.

"The sun'll come out tomorrow."

And the fans probably will to, based on the ever-increasing numbers being calculated.

Check it out:

• Saturday, Arkansas set yet another regular-season, school-record with 9,012 people in actual attendance. A total of 9,133 tickets were sold.

• For the series, 17,605 human beings have showed up. The record is 23,668, set from May 22-24, 2004, for the series against Auburn.

• For the season, 97,779 fans have planted their fannies in Baum Stadium, another school record.

• Total number of tickets sold to date is 139,525 (you guessed it, another school record).

"The fans are awesome," Hode said. "We can't thank them enough. We love them. We can play a lot better for them.

"We will, we will tomorrow.

"It's tough. You get a great, sunny day, not a cloud in the sky, the wind is blowing. We just have to learn from what we did today and get a win."

Razorbacks freshman Clint Arnold felt the same.

"It's tough, these last couple of days," Arnold said. "You hate to disappoint the fans. They come out and support us every week.

"But you know what? We're going to bounce back tomorrow. We're going to come out, be aggressive tomorrow. Just relax.

"Hopefully, we can get a W."

So, how do you do that?

"I guess just come out positive tomorrow," said Arkansas second baseman Brock Bond. "Like (Arkansas) coach (Dave) Van Horn said, ‘Play not to lose, play to win.' Come out in good spirits.

"The fans are great, it's obvious. They help us out. We just have to give them something to cheer about tomorrow."

That didn't happen Saturday -- and certainly no reason for crowd control -- because Arkansas got only three measly hits, compared to eight, including three home runs, by LSU.

There was a legitimate reason. Tigers left-handed pitcher Clay Dirks was almost untouchable.

"Give the guy (Dirks) credit, he threw well," said Razorbacks catcher Brian Walker. "He really did."

"This could be the lowest point of the season ... well, not the lowest point, but it was a tough loss. Tomorrow we have to come out with a spark and show up and be the team we've been all year. "Sometimes you've got to hit, maybe rock bottom. Pick yourself up. We'll make the adjustments and come back.

"Great crowd again today but we didn't show 'em the team we are. Hopefully, they'll show up again tomorrow and we can show them the team we've been all year.

"We'll be fine."

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