Richardson Done as UA Coach

Arkansas officials have given Nolan Richardson few choices in meetings Friday. Richardson is done as the Hogs' basketball coach.

Hawgs Illustrated has learned that Nolan Richardson will not be allowed to coach again at the University of Arkansas. Whether or not Richardson will take the $3.2 million buyout or be fired is now the question. Richardson has refused to accept the buyout, and has threatened to sue the University of Arkansas because it is not meeting terms of their contract. At that point, UA officials told him the only other condition would be termination. It is not clear what grounds were cited for termination. The two sides have argued throughout their meetings, and it appears there was no chance that any other resolution could be reached aside from termination. A source told HI that the choice to terminate Richardson stemmed from his threat of legal action. At that point, UA officials told Richardson that he would not receive any money if he was terminated. It is expected that an official release of the termination (or Richardson's resignation on condition of a buyout) would probably come later this night. No news conference is planned. broke this story Wednesday afternoon, stating that Richardson would be given a buyout at Thursday meetings. Richardson declined to take the buyout, stating emphatically that he wanted to continue as the school's basketball coach. Apparently, that was never a real option.

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