Commentary: Anderson Man for the Job

It didn't take long for basketball contributing editor to make his recommendation. Dudley E. Dawson sees Mike Anderson as the best man to replace Nolan Richardson.

I think Mike Anderson's the best man for the job right now ... and here's why.

First and foremost, 17 years of experiece is not something that should guarantee you the job, but it has to be a factor. Mike is Nolan Richardson without the activism and the antics.

I beleive if he is named the head coach, that Andre Iguodala will be here and so will J.J. Sullinger. If he is not - in my humble opinion - neither one of those young men will be here next year.

You shouldn't allow two players to hold the program hostage and that is not what I am saying. But I think he has earned the shot and I think those players on next year's team give Arkansas a shot to not only be much better, but sign better players next November.

Speaking of high school juniors, Mike has been working his butt off going to games and seeing kids all over Mississippi, Louisiana and other places.
NR has been out some, but nowhere near as much as Mike.

And it is important to note that Mike has been in Fayetteville High's gym several times this year. If NR had still been at Arkansas next year, you could have kissed Fayetteville's Ronnie Brewer goodbye. Trust me on this. Opposing coaches have even mentioned privately that they beleive their best shot to land Brewer is if NR was still there.

Ronnie to Arkansas now? I think they have suddenly become the frontrunner and hiring Anderson will help a lot in landing him.

Mike's name has been the one mentioned more to me by recruits the last few years than Coach Richardson. That didn't use to the case. He is a tireless recruiter and has several in the junior class interested. It could get turned around quick if JJ and Dre are still in the fold.

I know that many of you want a big-name coach and don't get me wrong, I think this job will draw some top candidates. But there will still be top coaches and young hotshots out there two years from now.

I say give him his shot, but yes I fully know that my opinion means nothing to the search committee, but there it is anyway.

--Dudley E. Dawson

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