Anderson on Tennessee

"When we played earlier, we shot the ball horribly. We didn't have a good game. I've never seen a team get as many dunks as they had. They have some good players. Vincent Yarbrough is the leading scorer in the SEC. Marcus Haislip is having a very good year. He's a good athlete and he's playing great basketball."

"We'll try to limit him on stickbacks and get some off-side help. They're coming off a big win over Georgia. It's a challenge I think our guys will look forward to, but we have to put the ball in the hole. You have two desperate teams playing each other."

Vanderbilt recap:

"It was an emotional game. It was probably more emotional than any Senior Night we've ever had. The guys were focused on basketball. Teddy Gipson had one of his better games and Brandon Dean had a great stat line. All of our seniors were in double figures. Matt (Jones) played eight minutes but it was probably one of the most powerful eight minutes you'll see. Some of the pieces are starting to come together and hopefully that will pay off. We mixed it up. It was something we've seen coming and it started at Mississippi State."

Comparing this team to the 2000 SEC Tournament championship team:

"It's totally different from two years ago. The records are similar but the teams are different. We have some of the same players and hopefully that's a plus. I think our guys are hungry, but you can't play on emotion. For each game, you can throw out the records. I just hope our players are bringing it, in terms of intensity. We have some players who have been through these wars, so I think experience is a big, big key."

Status of the players:

"They want to do well for themselves. With all the things that are going on, it's like their Daddy isn't here anymore and the next guy has to step up. It just so happens that's me. I'm not putting any pressure on them. It's us. It's not about me, it's about them. I'm thinking about the kids. I think I'm the right person for this job, but my motives are the same (as before), that's to help put this team in a position to win. The game brought some normality (to the situation). We played a game, had a day off and got away from it a little. I've seen cases where adversity brings you together. Our kids really care about each other. This year has not been a common year for Razorback basketball and they want to go out in a blaze of glory."

Arkansas' seniors:

"They came in at a time when the NCAA investigation was hanging over us and they withstood the test of time. They've made three NCAA Tournament appearances. They've meant a lot to this program and kept the ship going in the right direction. I'm proud of them. One of the biggest things I've heard them say is they've gotten prepared for life. You have to learn to adjust and they've done that."

Arkansas' guards:

"When talking about a team I like to start with the guards because they get the ball to everyone else. Consistency is the key and that's what we haven't had. You can see the kids having fun. They were in tune with one another. Pargo didn't have to shoot 20 times. He can do other things for us. Hopefully they become really important this time against Tennessee."

Anderson's start in coaching:

"Most kids think they can go to the NBA and I had a chance to go to camp with the Atlanta Hawks. It didn't work out but I wanted to remain involved. Coach (Richardson) gave me a chance to do some volunteer work. I decided if I couldn't play that I wanted to help some other young men. He got me ready years ago without me ever knowing it."

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