Kit Coleman's Tour

Blytheville offensive and defensive lineman Kit Coleman (6-3, 285, 4.71) has been to a ton of schools already this summer and will be in Fayetteville on July 22-23 for the UA Seniors Camp.

No one can say that Kit Coleman has shied away from being seen this summer.

After all the Blytheville offensive/defensive lineman Kit Coleman (6-3, 285, 4.71) has been to no fewer than six schools and is anxiously awaiting his next stop - the University of Arkansas for the UA Seniors Camp on July 22-23.

"I thought the best thing I could do was to get seen by as many schools as possible," Coleman said. "I've just tried to do my best and work hard at each stop."

He's been to Ole Miss, Vanderbilt, Missouri, Mississippi State, Alabama and Memphis with the trip to Arkansas being the only other one he has scheduled.

Coleman, who had over 100 pancake blocks as well as three sacks in limited time on defense, has worked out one day at each camp in an effort to get to as may as possible.

"It's been fun and I think I have done pretty good at each of them and got my name out there," Coleman said. "At Alabama I was the only defensive lineman they talked to after the camp so that made me feel good."

As of yet, he does not have any scholarship offers, but hopes one will be forthcoming from Arkansas after the camp.

"I like Arkansas and I have always followed them so I sure hope that ends up happening," Coleman said. "I am going to come up there and work hard."

Many have wondered how a big kid who has recorded a 4.7 in the 40-yard dash and who has bench pressed 350 pounds and squatted 500 could not have an offer yet.

"I would love to say there are some about to offer me, but I am not sure," Coleman said. "All I can do is keep working hard."

Coleman recorded a 4.71 at the U.S. Army All-American Combine , a 4.7 at Vanderbilt, a 4.8 at Ole Miss, a 4.9 at Mississippi State and 5.0 at both Alabama and Missouri.

" I think a lot of it has to do with how warmed up I am or at what point they time us," Coleman said of the varied times. "Like at Alabama, they had me run near the end right after I had done 60 push ups in a minute or so."

The last time he ran was a 4.8 at Memphis this past Saturday when he was on their campus.

"I am going to prepare to run as fast as I can once I get to Arkansas," Coleman said. "I think that is what they want to see me do."

There is no consensus of where Coleman will play in college with some looking at him as a defensive lineman and some as an offensive lineman.

"I think more are looking at me on defense, but some are talking offense and there's even some that may look at me at both places," Coleman said.

Coleman was at 295 in January, but found himself down to 274 after a week of visits and workouts at school.

"I'm back up to 285 now," Coleman said. "Running and working out every day in one week really got be down, but some of it as come back now. I think about 285 is what I am going to play at next season. I hope it all comes together."

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