Hart Attack

After a trip to New York that was more than he bargained for, Pocahontas offensive lineman Jim Hart is anxious for more comfortable surrounding at the UA Seniors Camp this weekend.

One place you can forget about Pocahontas offensive lineman Jim Hart playing his college football is anywhere in or around New York.

He recently went to Rochester on a church mission trip, working at a soup kitchen and homeless shelters and getting to see some interesting sights and some he wasn't that fond of.

"We were in a bad part of New York and I've seen it all now and don't want to go back." Hart said. "There were drug dealers on the corner and somebody got shot three houses down from house while we there. Some people say it's a nice place to visit, but they wouldn't want to live there. I don't even want to go back."

There's also no doubt where Hart (6-7, 305) would like to play his college football - the University of Arkansas.

He'll be trying to do his best Friday night and Saturday morning to impress Razorback coaches at the UA Seniors Camp, where he will be one of nearly 300 players expected to attend.

"I want to come up and run around a five flat 40-yard dash, show some aggressiveness and hopefully leave with an offer," Hart said. "I'm sure hoping for that. I've not tried to hide how much I like Arkansas."

Hart does already has offers from Mississippi State and Arkansas State and thinks he is on the verge of getting ones from Vanderbilt, Duke and hopefully Arkansas.

While speculation was he was going to get an offer from Arkansas soon anyway, chances probably increased when Springdale offensive lineman Bartley Webb announced Wednesday night he had eliminated the Razorbacks and was likely headed to Notre Dame.

"I'm sure the Arkansas coaches want to get a good look at me and maybe things are going to work out," Hart said. "I'm coming up there with a goal."

Hart, who grandfather Jimmy Hart passed this summer, certainly is strong as evidenced by the fact that he has a 350 bench press and a 420-pound squat.

"I've been lifting every day and running at night after I get done working," Hart said. "I've been mowing yards and putting in a floor."

Hart has played tight end the past two seasons, but thought he was going to be moved inside to tackle this season.

He did so through all of spring practice except the last day when he was moved to tight end and he has worked there this summer during 7-on-7 action.

"I guess we'll just have to see how it plays itself out this season," Hart said. "I know that is where I am going to be playing in college for sure, but I'll do whatever it takes to help my team this season."

But first he hopes to help himself this weekend.

"I've been looking forward to this and getting prepared to show them my best effort," Hart said. "Hopefully that's what I will do and it will all work out for me."

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