Spring Football Update: 4/4

Arkansas worked on fundamentals as high school coaches arrived for the annual clinic. The Hogs plan a 100-play scrimmage for Saturday morning. Images included.

Arkansas concentrated on fundamental work as part of the clinic for high school coaches, but there was an extensive hitting session in which the offensive line dazzled.

"Our offensive line did well in middle drills today," Houston Nutt said. "They've actually looked good in middle drills all spring, but they were very good today. I think we are getting some great work out of our top two groups in the offensive line."

Offensive left tackle Bo Lacy had an outstanding workout in the middle drill, as did redshirt freshman Kyle Roper at right guard.

"We would like to see Kyle at center, but with Jim Peters out at right guard (with a back injury), we moved Kyle in there, and he's done well," said line coach Mike Markuson. "Kyle comes from a great high school program in Georgia, maybe the biggest school in the state, and he has a good background. He's having a good spring. He's probably 6-3, and up to 290, and he can hold his own in there at guard.

"I think we are getting some good things going in the line. Lacy has had a great spring. Nathan Ball can help us at guard and tight end. Ball has been great, too. I'm pleased with what we are getting out of those guys. Really, we like a lot of them."

The practice ended with tight end Jason Peters running over a scout team linebacker to end a 50-yard touchdown completion.

Matt Jones had a good day executing the option as the Hogs worked in half-line situations to concentrate on reading the mid-line version of the option.

"I thought it was a good day," Nutt said. "We will back off some on Friday, and go in shorts and shoulder pads ahead of the scrimmage on Saturday morning."

Nutt said the Hogs would scrimmage for 100 plays beginning at 10 a.m. He said they would end the scrimmage with a simulated overtime.

"We have gone over a lot of situations, and we want to cover the overtime this spring," he said. "But, we won't go seven overtimes."

De'Arrius Howard was not at practice after returning to his West Memphis home because of the death of an older brother.

David Lee

David Lee (left) and Houston Nutt talk about trhe results of a spring play.

Mark Bokermann

Mark Bokermann (71) and Shawn Andrews work on double team blocks under the cage with line coach Mike Markuson observing their technique.

Kacy Rodgers

Kacy Rodgers (in shorts) and Dave Wommack instruct the defensive front in a pass rush drill.

Photos by Clay Henry

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