Spring Football Update: 4/8

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt went over the highlights of Saturday's scrimmage after viewing the film. They were numerous.

Arkansas' football team worked in shorts, thigh pads and shoulder pads for over two hours Monday inside Walker Pavilion, correcting mistakes from Saturday's 82-play scrimmage. All day rains on Sunday made the practice field too slick for an outside practice.

The best news of the day concerned the MRI of George Wilson, injured on Friday. Wilson, sophomore wide receiver, has torn cartilage in his right knee. He will have his knee "scoped" one week from Tuesday, and will miss the rest of the spring. But, his ligaments are sound and he should be running again in two to three weeks and be full speed for summer workouts.

"I'm glad that's all it is because that can be fixed easily," Wilson said. "I'm relieved. It was a scary injury because there was pain."

Lerinezo Robinson didn't practice because of a thigh bruise, but might return later in the week after having a helmet hit his thigh in a goal-line segment in Saturday's scrimmage.

Houston Nutt, UA head coach, said that the film showed great effort and plenty of offensive fireworks in Saturday's scrimmage. But, he said there were defensive highlights, too.

"If you chart when Bo Mosley and Marvin Jackson were out there at cornerback, the quarterbacks were four of 20," Nutt said. "The point to that, there weren't too many open receivers when those guys were out there. They are both having great springs ... consistently they have been outstanding."

Mosley had two pass interceptions in Monday's passing drills, taking the ball away from Sam Breeden on one out pattern.

Nutt praised quarterback Tarvarious Jackson's play in the scrimmage, noting he was solid in the way he went through his progression of receivers, checking his first, second and third choices in proper sequence.

"In looking at the film, Jackson was very good," Nutt said. "We liked what we saw there."

Quarterback coach David Lee also said Jackson's mechanics and mental checks were excellent, too. He was disappointed in the way Matt Jones bolted from the pocket too early in some situations.

"We've scrimmaged a lot this spring, and Matt has stayed in the pocket for the most part and done a good job of going through the progressions as far as finding his one, two and three receivers," Lee said. "He didn't do that Saturday. I think that run on the first play may have had something to do with that. The rest of the day, he wanted to make something happen and didn't stay in there to wait for his receivers to get open.

"He's been good this spring in the other scrimmages ... I'm talking about Matt. But, I want him to stay in the pocket when there is time and wait for the plays to develop. I went through the scrambling with John Fourcade at Ole Miss. I don't want to get started on that here. He can stay in the pocket and he will stay in there and find receivers. I just want to see him execute the reads the way he had been doing in the other scrimmages and practices this spring. Maybe that would have happened if not for that first 65-yard run on the bootleg."

The Hogs will take Tuesday off for lab work, then practice Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. That would leave the Hogs one open day to complete their allotted 15 days. Nutt said they might come back Monday if "we need a correction day."

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