Spring Football Update: 4/11

Arkansas worked as a full team early in the day, then split into the Red and White squads for the completion of Thursday's practice as the Hogs prepped for Saturday's spring game. Here is the way the teams were divided for the noon game Saturday. Images included.

Exact details were not available for every position for today's draft, but HI.com did  learn about some key developements in the way the player draft for Saturday's Red-White game went down Thursday. Game time Saturday is at noon.

They did it position by position. In other words, they would say, "Quarterbacks ... White team wins the flip ... pick one." And, George Wilson, the head coach for the Whites picked Matt Jones. The Red team head coach, Jermaine Brooks, got the next pick, and took Tarvaris Jackson. Wilson then tabbed Ryan Sorahan for the White team.

So, here's how the quarterbacks were picked by their teammates ... Matt Jones first, Tarvaris Jackson second, and Ryan Sorahan third.

I did also find out that Red had the first pick when it came to picking the tailbacks. Brooks picked Fred Talley first, and Wilson picked Cedric Cobbs as his pick. So it went Talley, Cobbs, Howard and Dickerson as far as rating the tailbacks.

I don't have the way it went at the other positions. But, that's where the depth is most noticable. There weren't too many controversial choices anywhere else.

Matt Jones did practice a little at wide receiver Wednesday after the two teams split apart ... the White team remained on the practice field and the Red team went inside Walker Pavilion.

I wasn't going to tell, but when the head coaches met the media after the workout, Red head coach Jermaine Brooks told the media that he already knew.

"I know they have some secrets," Brooks said. "I'm not saying we were spying on the White team or anything, but we expect Matt Jones to line up in the slot and go deep. There will be no secrets. We already know."

Shawn Andrews, right tackle for the White team, said he has been given the okay to play some defensive end in the Saturday scrimmage.

"I want to do that, and rush the passer," Andrews said. "I'd like to do that in the fall ... play both ways. I hope it works out. I hear about them recruiting guys to go both ways ... what about me? I'm ready for it."

Friday's practice will be a brief walkthrough to make sure everyone knows their roles for the scrimmage. Houston Nutt said it may take less than an hour.

Interestingly, SportsRap host Chuck Barrett has installed the White team (with Jones and Andrews) as the early 9-point favorite.

Brandon Holmes is listed as the starting fullback for the White team. Is he a fulltime fullback? I asked him after practice.

"I don't know anything about that, so you better ask the coaches," Holmes said.

Would he play fullback?

"I'll play anywhere," he answered. "But, I can't tell you if that's just for Saturday, or it's a permanant deal."

Danny Nutt wouldn't really say.

"We need him there for Saturday since we split the teams," Danny Nutt said. "We'll see who we have in the fall. He's a good tailback. I think he would be fine at fullback, if we needed him there. He's still learning about the pass protection as far as the blocking. But, he can do it."


Head Coach: George Wilson.
Assistants: Mike Markuson, Dave Wommack, Danny Nutt, Chris Vaughn.
Team Captain: Nathan Ball.

WR-Breeden, Crowder.
Left tackle-Reith.
Left guard-Ball, C. Perry.
Right guard-Jim Peters, Holtz.
Right tackle-Andrews.
Tight end-Poydras, McCoy, Morgan.
Quarterback-Jones, Sorahan.
Wide receiver-Birmingham, Young.
Fullback-Holmes, Reuber.
Tailback-Cobbs, Dickerson.

Bandit end-Scott, M. Hill.
Nose guard-Jayson Johnson, Mendenhall.
Wolf LB-Gallon, O'Guinn.
Mike LB-Huckeba, Mitchell.
Stinger LB-Walls.
Rover LB-Beasley, Harvey.
Field corner-Okundaye, Clinton.
Border corner-Mosley.
Free safety-Purcell.

Punter-Dennis, Akerstrom.
Kicker-Carlton, Balsiero, Vericker.
Snapper-Nalley, Wheeler.


Head coach: Jermaine Brooks.
Assistants: Bobby Allen, David Lee, George Pugh, Kacy Rodgers, James Shibest.
Team Captain: Raymond House.

Wide receiver-Bryant, Blake.
Left tackle-Lacy.
Left guard-Davenport, Norrid.
Right guard-Bokermann, Roper.
Right tackle-Hicks.
Tight end-Jason Peters, Toussaint.
Quarterback-Jackson, Loggains, Vincent.
Wide receiver-Hamilton, Ousley.
Fullback-Pierce, Slaughter.
Tailback-Talley, Howard.

Bandit end-House.
Tackle-Osborne, James Johnson.
Nose guard-Summers.
End-Elliott Harris.
Wolf LB-Bua, Malone.
Mike LB-Moore, Gehring.
Stinger LB-Brown, D. Rogers.
Rover LB-L. Robinson, Meador.
Field corner-Marvin Jackson.
Border corner-Prince Davis, Holloway.
Free safety-Parker.

Punter-Butler, Hickey, Warren.
Kicker-O'Donohoe, Gullett, Logan, M. Perry.
Snapper-Staveley, G. Lewis.

Brooks and Talley

Red head coach Jermaine Brooks (left) with his tailback Fred Talley.

Spring Game

Brooks and Red captain Raymond House (56) meet with the media after practice on Thusday.

Spring Football

White team captain Nathan Ball (82) watches as his rivals are interviewed by the media.

Spring Football

Red head coach George Wilson (far right) and Ball meet with the media Thursday.

Photos by Clay Henry

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