Spring Grid Update: 4/12

The Red and White teams held their final tuneups for Saturday's spring game ... complete with a little trash talking. Images included.

The Red and White teams worked in separate areas Friday in a padless practice to put in the game plan for Saturday's Red-White game.

The White team worked outside, and the Red team worked inside Walker Pavilion. Jermaine Brooks, head coach for the Red squad, called his team back after what was supposed to be the end of the workout to practice their entrance routine.

"I assume you guys have seen the Titans movie?" Brooks said. "You remember seeing their team comed on the field dancing? Well, we've got something we are working on for Saturday. It's about creating the vibes before the game. The team with the best vibes will play the best. That's all I'm saying."

Red head coach George Wilson laughed at Brooks' theories. He said, "It's about who plays the best from the first whistle until the last whistle. There's nothing else that matters. We'll be ready for the first snap. We aren't going to be dancing out there in warmups. We are going to come ready to play football."

Brooks fired back, "We will be the most physical team. We will be ready for them."

Told that Chuck Barrett listed the White team as a 9-point favorite, Wilson said, "He's a smart man. That sounds about right to me. But, I'm not betting. That's against NCAA rules. There will be no wagers."

Houston Nutt addressed the media briefly before turning over the stage to his head coaches.

"I'm neutral, so I won't pick a team," Nutt said. "I will be watching though. We have allowed each team one trick play and two new blitzes. If I see more than that, it's a 15-yard penalty. I'll order the penalty, and I'll watch it."

Nutt said he was pleased with the spirit that the two sides have displayed the last two days.

"This is the most excitement I've seen in a Razorback team during spring practice," Nutt said. "This bunch is really excited, and I'm glad to see it.

"We've worked them hard. They've practiced well this spring. I think they've scrimmaged over 290 snaps this spring, so we've gotten accomplished quite a lot. Now it's time to have a little fun."

Nutt said there would be a practice on Monday for quarterbacks and receivers to wrap up the spring drills.

"And, we'll have meetings, too," Nutt said. "There will be no more hitting. It will be done after Saturday, but we will come back and finish things off with a workout for the QBs and wideouts."

Red White Pics

Matt Jones fires a pass in Friday's workout.

Red White Pics

George Wilson talks with Cedric Cobbs on Wednesday.

Red White Pics

Jeb Huckeba (15) and Jimarr Gallon (39) work against the offense.

Red White Pics

Ryan Sorahan prepares to take a shotgun snap with Decori Birmingham and Matt Jones at wide receiver.

Red White Pics

Matt Jones (9) looks to the sidelines for the next play.

Photos by Clay Henry

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