Wednesday Grid Report, 10/26

Houston Nutt didn't like the way the Hogs came out of the chute Wednesday.

Arkansas coach Houston Nutt wasn't pleased with the start of Wednesday's workout, but he liked the way it finished. Nutt wondered aloud if his team wasn't thinking that it was an open week and that there was still another week before they need to get serious about an SEC opponent.

"We had to stop practice a few periods into today's workout and start it again," Nutt said. "We didn't have a good start. We did finish better. We did have a good practice, but I didn't like the way it started."

Nutt said the problems at the outset were illegal procedure penalties and missed blocks.

"We have to have 11 working together," Nutt said. "I think sometimes you have players look down the road knowing this is an open date. You can't do that.

"We can't have illegal procedure penalties. We can't miss blocks. Those are the things that we are having trouble with and those were addressed today when we had to start a few periods over.

"We did get better at the end and that's when the defense was really flying around. Pierre Brown and Sam Olajubutu gave us some great leadership."

Nutt said the team part of practices included a large dose of third-and-8 and other situational passing drills that included plenty of blitz work from the defense.

"The quarterbacks didn't start out well, but they did pretty good in those sessions," Nutt said. "We got some good work in on those areas the last two days. We just have to keep going and keep getting better.

"Marcus Monk, Cedric Logan and Cedric Washington had some nice catches. Hillis caught a couple of nice passes, too. We are putting the quarterbacks under pressure and working against blitzes."

That's probably something the Hogs will see plenty on from their next opponent, South Carolina. The Gamecocks have two former UA assistants running their defense, John Thompson and Dave Wommack.

"They put in a new blitz every week," Nutt said. "Our plans will recognize some of what they do because it is similar to what they ran when they were here. There are some looks where there are no down linemen, with all 11 standing up and they scramble to get somewhere at the snap. They ran more of that the first half of the year and haven't run as much lately.

"We've been working on South Carolina stuff since Sunday. They give you a lot of looks. They go back and forth between a seven and eight-man front. They are probably a little more out of the 4-3 front than anything else, but they are going to give you a different look every week."

On the injury front, Weston Dacus, Mason Templeton and Clarke Moore continued to nurse minor knee injuries. All three have experienced some swelling of late and are dealing with tenderness. All three should return to practice soon.

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