Razorback Baseball Alumni Reunion

Pagnozzi Charities will host the Razorback Baseball Alumni Reunion this weekend in conjunction with the Arkansas-Kentucky baseball series.

Razorback fans will have the opportunity to see baseball at its finest when the Razorback Alumni suit up for what's sure to be a memorable ball game.

The Alumni game will take place at 2:00pm at Baum Stadium prior to the opening game of the Arkansas-Kentucky series at 6:30 pm. A.Q. Chicken will be serving food between 3:00pm-4:30pm for $5 per plate. To raise money to support the Youth Sports Scholarship and Razorback Baseball Programs there will be a $2 admission for the Alumni Game.

Pagnozzi Charities will also have exciting silent auction. Items up for bid include memorabilia from Mark Grace, Lou Brock, Ozzie Smith and gift certificates from local community businesses during Friday and Saturday games. Pagnozzi Charities is sponsoring approximately 200 children and their parents from the Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club during this event. Tom Pagnozzi will personally be giving these youngsters a tour of Baum Stadium at 1:00 pm on Saturday. Saturday's Arkansas-Kentucky game is set for 6:30 pm.

Here is a list of former Razorbacks who will be participating in the Alumni Reunion activities. Tom Pagnozzi - Professional Baseball, St. Louis Cardinals - 1983 - 1999 Tom Glaze - Current Supreme Court Justice of Arkansas -1958-1959 Scott Tabor - 1979-1982 John Benberg - Executive Director - Fayetteville Boys & Girls Club - 1982 Ellis Roby - Professional Baseball, Braves - 1983-1985 Bill Bakewell - 1977-1979 Ray Harris - 1985-1988 Ronn Reynolds - Professional Baseball, - 1979-1980 Larry McDanial - 1972 Ted Wade - 1970-1972 Ryan Whitaker - 1991-1993 Stan Ley - 1971-1972 Tim Deitz - 1983-1985 Tom Czanstkoski - 1992-1993 Steve Parker - 1986 Ralph Kraus - 1983-1986 Rob Kaufman - 1977-1980 Jim Fields - 1970 Scott Osmon - 1989 Tony Peters - 1986 Ty Bilderback - 1992-1995 Derrick Richardson - 1984-1985 Bob Mitchell

Celebrity Members: Bo Mattingly of KHBS/KHOG Channels 40/29 Tom Travis of Kix 104 FM

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