Wednesday Grid Update, 11/16

With Mississippi State looming in The Rock on Saturday, Arkansas gets its young quarterback back in practice in an intense Wednesday workout.

With its young general back healthy enough to direct the offrense in practice, the University of Arkansas went through a spirited workout on Wednesday.

While the indoor workout was closed - as are all Razorback practices this season - it was plenty vocal for the media waiting in the lobby for post-practice interviews.

No doubt a lot of that had to do with last Saturday's 28-17 win at Ole Miss and the return to practice of true freshman signal caller Casey Dick.

"It was very intense and they remember that feeling we had in Oxford," Nutt said. "There is nothing like winning and we are trying to have great preparation to get ready for a team that is very similiar to us."

That would be Mississippi State, who Arkansas hosts in Little Rock on Saturday at 1 p.m.

It appears Dick - who is battling the flu - will be all ready to go and try to build on a second half against Ole Miss where he completed his last 12 passes.

"They (the offense) are playing with a lot of confidence and he's just got to continue to do it when the lights come on Saturday," Nutt said.

The rally past the Rebels from a 17-7 deficit has to play a part in the confidence as well.

"It would be huge to finish off this season strong and it is everything we have been talking about when we talked about finishing off a new season (in the last three games)," Nutt said. "They are competing hard and doing it one play at a time. That is what you are so proud of. It was 17-7 and they could have easily let go, but they didn't."

Nutt has seen a bounce in wideout Cedric Washington's step this week after two games in which he has become a target for the new quarterback.

"He has really done a good job and competed hard," Nutt said. "His route running and coming out and creating seperation is the big thing. I think he is excited that we have done more in the passing game and he feels like ball is coming so Marcus Monk and Cedric are coming faster.

"I think anytime they think they are going to get the ball - and they all want the ball - ...they can't help but get excited," Nutt added. "That's how we want them to feel."

Not that Arkansas is going to stray too far away from bellcow running back Darren McFadden, who was shut down at Ole Miss last week, but will look to go over 1,000 yards this weekend when he enters with 891.

"We had (McFadden) in the gameplan last week, it's just that Ole Miss did a great job," Nutt said. "...Hopefully we can get him going again by creating a few holes, staying on our blocks. That's going to be the key. You just can't say okay I got him, you have to finish and go to the whistle."

Starting center Kyle Roper didn't practice on Wednesday and is questionable for Saturday, but Nutt did praise Jonathon Luigs and Jeremy Harrell for their work in practice and noted that both Chase Pressley and Tyler Morgan would also be able to help out a depleted offensive line this week.

"Harrell is really a fighter and I am so glad we moved him when we did," Nutt said. "It's been a really good move. We also got Pressley and Morgan back so we have had more bodies than we have had in awhile."

This is Arkansas' last home game with only a road game at LSU to follow.

"Unfiortunately that is all we have - two games and that's it," Nutt said. "So you want to be at your best and play your best."

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