Dudley's Postcard: Day Two

Hawgs Illustrated reporter Dudley E. Dawson is spending the week in Maui covering the Arkansas basketball team in a tournament. He's sending us a postcard each day. Here is some photographic evidence that Dudley is actually on the scene in Hawaii.

MAUI - While I have never been known for my fashion sense, I took great pride Monday night in wearing the best Hawaiian shirt in the Lahaina Civic Center and that includes all those well-dressed coaches.

It was one my wife Tana and I found while shopping - ugh - just a few hours before the tip-off of the Arkansas-UConn game. It is a St. Louis Cardinals themed shirt with famous players, all the 26 pennants, the nine World Championships, The Arch and different scenes from games.

That shopping followed up a day of snorkeling and just admiring all the beauty that is Maui. The wife wants to scuba dive before we leave. Me, I'm thinking para sailing 800 feet over the Pacific Ocean seems like fun.

Dudley Dawson sports his rather bright St. Louis Cardinals shirt with a rather nice view behind him.

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