Dudley's Postcard: Day Three

Dudley E. Dawson is spending the week in Hawaii covering the Arkansas basketball team in the Maui Invitational. He's sending us a daily postcard just to let us know about his fun.

After a couple of days of seeing my ugly mug in this space, I thought it would be better to show off my wife Tana and the new friend she made scuba diving while here in Maui.

While I still have plans to go parasailing, hanging out on the bottom of the ocean floor just doesn't sound that good of an idea to me.

Tana loved it though and it made her trip. She's got a CD filled with pics of all the fish and turtles and things she met while hanging out down there.

However, Tana does not want to go 800 feet up in the air parasailing with me. Obviously she is afraid of heights, but not depths.

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