Junior Day

Wynne standout linebacker/running back Terrence Garrett (5-10, 195) is among the 60 to 80 junior prospects expected to be in Fayetteville Saturday for the Razorbacks' first of two Junior Days.

You can never get started early enough when it comes to recruiting.

That's why the University of Arkansas started sending junior prospects letters on Sept. 1 - the first day it was allowed by the NCAA - and is having it's first of two junior Days on Saturday with over 60 and maybe as many as 80 players on hand.

"We try to build relationships early on, as early as possible and having a day like this just keeps those relationships moving right along," notes Chris Vaughn, the Razorbacks' Director of On-Campus Recruiting. "We'll get to show them our facilities, about our academics, they'll meet with their position coach, watch some highlights of the past season and have the option of going to to the baseball game."

One of those players expected to be on hand is Wynne running back/linebacker Terrence Garrett (5-10, 195, 4.6), who along with Yellowjackets' running back/cornerback and fellow junior Terrance Boykin (5-11, 190, 4.6) should be on hand today and give the squad a talented duo.

Garrett rushed for right around 1,000 yards this past season for legendary Wynne head coach Don Campbell and was the team's key defender on defense with well over 100 tackles.

"Garrett is a load to bring down," Campbell said. "He is just so strong in his hips. He is an unbelievable runner. I can show you films where they just can't tackle him. And if he hits you, you're going down. It's as simple as that."

Arkansas, Ole Miss, Oklahoma State, Notre Dame, Michigan and Boston College have all sent letters, requested film and alerted the Yellowjackets brass of their interest in Garrett.

"I like Arkansas and Ole Miss a lot," Garrett said. "All those other teams have sent letters, too, and I'm honored that they are thinking enough of me to do so."

Garrett says he has learned from the players that have been recruited by colleges out of Wynne.

"I have set back and watched how guys like Cord Gray and L.T. Walker handle it and I think I am now very prepared to handle it," Garrett said. "I think they did a good job of not letting it bother them or control anything that goes on with the team. They left it in their personal life and when it was time to play football, they took care of business."

He says that Gray's personality is infectious.

"Cord is always smiling and cracking jokes," Garrett said. "His smile made you put a smile on your face."

Wynne has also boasted the likes of Memphis running back DeAngelo Williams, Arkansas State running back Antonio Warren and former Razorback defensive lineman Arrion Dixon over the years.

The program has been to the state playoff quarterfinals or better the last 11 years, Campbell is 137-43-3 in his tenure at the school and Wynne has notched state championships in 1986, 2001 and 2004.

"It is just a great program," Garrett said. "I remember when I was in the seventh game watching DeAngelo and Antonio and I knew one day I wanted to help carry on the tradition. I happy to be able to do it."

Garrett is confident in his game and his strength.

"I like to think of myself as a smart linebacker and a sure hitter," Garrett said. "I think if I get ny hands on you, you are going to fall. On offense, I think I am a natural running back with some moves, strong and a balanced running back. I need to work on my speed.

"I am pretty strong in my legs," Garrett added. "I squat around 550 pounds and have been able to deadlift over 500 pounds since I was 14. That strength helps me break tackles and it is just something I have always had. I am just blessed with that."

Campbell says that both Garrett - who only plays football - and Boykin - who also plays basketball and runs track - need to get their 4.6s in the 40-yard dash down to 4.5s.

"Boykin and Terrence (Garrett) are just heck of a high school football players," Campbell said. "They can just do so many things for your football team on both sides of the ball."

"I think Boykin can be a good D-back," Campbell added. "I think Terrence Garrett can be a good linebacker. The problem with both of them is they have got to get that speed better. right now they have got to bring that 40 time down. They are unbelievable high school players. They just make plays and are tough to tackle. But getting their speed down some will tell us just how good they will be on that level."

Garrett and Boykin plan to return to Fayetteville for at least one of the Arkansas camps this summer and will head to Memphis and maybe a few others.

"I'm going to go to the camps, work hard and get ready for next year," Garrett said. "I think we are going to be pretty good next year."

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