DeBriyn Retires as Baseball Coach

Arkansas baseball coach Norm DeBriyn announced his retirement from coaching Tuesday, but he'll stay with the school in an administrative post, according to Frank Broyles.

Norm DeBriyn told everyone at the news conference today that he'd been thinking about retiring for over one year and made up his mind about a week ago.

"I told Caroline on the trip back from Wichita," he said. "It was just she and I alone on that drive.

"This is a tough day. It's very emotional. But, it's time. I'm old and you need a young man in the SEC. It's a tough league."

Frank Broyles said the UA would retain DeBriyn in an administrative position, possibly within the Razorback Foundation. He said with the loss of Wilson Matthews, the foundation needed someone like DeBriyn to carry on the torch. Broyles said he wanted to take baseball's ability to raise funds from the $200,000 level to somewhere between $500,000 and $600,000 annually.

Broyles also mentioned that in 33 years of working together with DeBriyn that they had been in total agreement 100 percent of the time. DeBriyn raised his eyebrows at that statement, and it cracked up everyone in the rather large gathering at the media room in Bud Walton Arena.

Broyles also mentioned that Skip Bertman, the LSU athletic director, had some interesting comments about DeBriyn and the Hog baseball team when he arrived at Destin for the SEC meetings two weeks ago.

"Skip Bertman got there one day late because he is the chair of the NCAA baseball selection committee," Broyles said. "Skip told me that when Arkansas got into the tournament, that the entire selection committee was excited. They all have such great respect for Norm DeBriyn. They were all excited for the Arkansas program and that was because of Norm. That says a lot when the entire college baseball community is pulling for Norm DeBriyn. They really all love Norm and I know it's sincere. They have such great respect for him as a person and a coach."

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