The Big Hall

Because of his height and ability, Dardanelle junior offensive lineman Matt Hall (6-9, 312) was one of the most attention-drawing prospects at this week's Houston Nutt Football Camp that ends up late Wednesday morning.

A caller to Sports Rap on Monday night said that Dardanelle junior-to-be offensive lineman Matt Hall would be a good player for the Razorbacks in a couple of years.

That would no doubt make a a lot of University of Arkansas football fans happy because Hall (6-9, 312) is no ordinary football recruit seeing as how his size he just finished up his sophomore season.

"I love Arkansas," Hall said during a break in his action at the Houston Nutt Football Camp this week. "You go to places and you go to games and there is nothing like Arkansas. The fans are great. Everybody is up and roaring. I really would love to play up here one day."

Hall will likely get that chance as Arkansas is showing as much interest as possible along with Tulsa, Auburn, Ole Miss and some other schools.

Hall is teammates with senior tailback C.J. Chaten (5-9, 172, 4.3), who is being recruited by Arkansas and has offers from Troy, Vanderbilt, Tulsa, and Arkansas State and is expecting one soon from Memphis.

"We had a lot of coaches come by and watch us including Arkansas, Auburn, Texas and I think I saw an Oklahoma one and pretty sure I saw a Tennessee one," Hall said.

Hall has gone from 330 to 312 since his sophomore season ended and is now trying to gain the weight back the right way.

"I've been trying to lift a lot of weights and taking creatine," Hall said. "I have lost a lot of fat and now I am trying to gain back some muscle now. We'll see how it goes. I would like to play at 330, but it be muscle."

"I'm going to go over to Tulsa and then we are going hit up Ole Miss and then try to take in a LSU camp before the season is over," Hall said. "It's been a great up here this week."

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