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After visiting Arkansas, Ole Miss and Auburn this past weekend, Fort Smith Northside quarterback Kodi Burns (6-2, 190, 4.57) has his decision down to two schools and says a decision could be made in the very near future.

After a whirlwind weekend in which he visited the University of Arkansas, Ole Miss and Auburn in three days, Fort Smith Northside quarterback Kodi Burns is certain he is ready to wrap his recruiting up much quicker than earlier expected.

In fact, Burns (6-2, 190, 4.57) said Sunday night that he will be signing with either Arkansas or Auburn and will have that decision made anywhere from the next couple of weeks to right before his first game in September.

"I have decided it is definitely going to be Arkansas or Auburn - one or the other," Burns said. "I'm think I am going to decide pretty soon, maybe in a couple of weeks, but definitely before we start the season."

Burns - who has passed for over 4,000 yard and rushed for nearly 2,000 yards in the past two seasons combined - has narrowed it down to the Razorbacks or Tigers - part of 10 schools that have offered him scholarships.

Schools such as Texas A&M, Kansas State, Florida and Mississippi State are no longer in the mix for a quarterback ranked as the 10th-best nationally by Scout.com.

"I can't go wrong with either one - Arkansas and Auburn are great academic schools with great football programs," Burns said. There is a lot to like about both Arkansas and Auburn."

Burns visited Arkansas last Thursday - pronouncing it a "great" trip - and says he will be headed back to Fayetteville early this week before he and his Arkansas Hawks AAU team head to Las Vegas for a tournament on Friday.

"I won't be able to come to their senior camp because of the basketball tournament, but I will definitely be back up one of the next four days to talk with the coaches again," Burns said. "My visit up to Arkansas last week went great. It was the best one I have ever had up there and I really liked what the coaches had to say. I really was happy with their plans for the future and how I would fit in."

Burns said he has no problems with redshirting no matter which school he ends up at next year.

"I don't mind redshirting at all before I get to play," Burns said. "I just want to make sure I am at a place that I will play when time comes. I feel that is the case at both places."

He was not so pleased with his trip to Ole Miss on Friday.

"I just really didn't like it at all," Burns said. "The town was really small and I just don't think their coaches would be a good fit for me. There are some campuses you can just go on and know they are not the place for you and that was the case with me at Ole Miss."

Burns, who passed for 2,182 yards and 20 touchdowns and rushed for 965 yards and 11 more scores last season, was very enthused about his trip to Auburn on Saturday.

"I really enjoyed the visit and their campus and talking with their coaches," Burns said. "They stressed to me that I could get a great education there and it is somewhere that the starting quarterback would be a senior when I got there. They are telling me that they have no one there or coming that would be a dual pass-run threat like I am."

Obviously the Auburn coaches were forced to address the story from the New York Times this weekend that alleged possible academic improprieties at the school.

"They talked to me about it," Burns said. "They said that they have done nothing wrong and nothing that the school or guys like Cadillac (former Auburn star Carnell Williams) did wrong. They said it is just a matter of somebody trying to bring them down because they went 13-0 a couple of years ago."

The trip to Arkansas this week should help him move his decision closer to realization.

"I'm looking forward to getting back up there and talking with the coaches again," Burns said. "I feeling a lot better about the situation up there."

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