Weems' Stepfather: Sonny's headed to Arkansas

Both former West Memphis and UA-Fort Smith basketball star Sonny Weems and his stepfather Darrell Levy say that University of Arkansas basketball signee will definitely be playing his college basketball for the Razorbacks.

FAYETTEVILLE -- Sonny Weems has one more test to take before he's officially eligible at Arkansas, but Weems' stepfather is unequivocal in saying Weems will play for the Razorbacks.

"There is no way that Sonny will not be in Fayetteville," Darrel Levy said Saturday. "Sonny's going to Fayetteville and we're looking forward to Sonny going to Fayetteville."

Weems took a test Friday, which he said he made a B on, and has a final Monday, but Weems and his stepfather said the test should be just a formality.

The UA signee, widely regarded as the top junior college prospect in the nation as a sophomore at UA-Fort Smith, said he was bothered by rumors that he would fail the class intentionally so he could play elsewhere.

"If I was trying to fail it, there wouldn't be a point in waiting two months," Weems said. "I wouldn't be sticking around that long."

The algebra class is one required by the Southeastern Conference but not the NCAA, so Weems could play elsewhere if he didn't pass.

There had been some speculation Weems wanted to play for Jeremy Cox, who left UAFS for a job as an assistant at Texas A&M. Then, last week, Levy mentioned Memphis as a possibility should things not go as planned.

"Maybe I shouldn't have said anything," Levy said. "I was just saying if for some reason he didn't, it would go back to those final teams on the list. ... He wants to be (at Arkansas), he's looking forward to being there, but I would be foolish as a parent ... you know the possibility of him not passing the class is there, so you have to consider those options. Sonny hasn't considered any options. He's just focused on getting to Fayetteville."

After taking the test Monday morning, Weems will be met by his family and drive back home to West Memphis to spend some time before moving to Fayetteville in time for fall class.

"It's been two months since I've been home," Weems said. "I'm ready to get back there."

Weems was able to stay in shape over the summer working out in Fort Smith. On a couple of occasions, several Razorbacks came down to play with him since he couldn't travel to Fayetteville to participate in offseason pickup games.

"It's hard," Weems said. "Most Division I players are getting ready for the season. (Cox) left so it's been hard for us to get in the gym even. I can't wait to get up (to Fayetteville) and be around my teammates every day."

He stays in contact with Arkansas coach Stan Heath almost daily, updating him on his progress.

Levy said that although Weems grew up in West Memphis with split ties to Arkansas and Memphis -- Levy worked on the Memphis campus at one point -- there was no doubt where he wanted to go.

"Sonny is a hometown kid," Levy said. "He played high school ball in Arkansas; he played AAU ball in Arkansas; he played junior college ball in Arkansas and he chose to play Division I ball in Arkansas and that's what he's going to do."

And a change would be costly to Weems as well.

"I spent half a fortune buying Razorback gear. I've got baseball jerseys and hats. What am I going to do?" Levy said. "If Sonny doesn't pass, I'll have Sonny mowing grass the rest of the two weeks he's here. He'll be mowing grass to make my money back."

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