What's in a number?

Mitch Mustain's high school number was taken when he enrolled at Arkansas, but the Hogs' freshman quarterback was wearing No. 16 when the first practice began. Here's how it happened.

Starting cornerback Matterral "Red" Richardson gladly gave up No. 16 this year so that Mitch Mustain could wear his favorite number. No big deal, he said. Lo and behold Red is wearing No. 9, a number not worn last year in the year after Matt Jones departed after wearing that number for four years.

I asked Red, "Did you ask for No. 9?"

Nope, he said. It was just one that wasn't taken and he said that it would be fine.

I asked, "Do you know who wore it last?"

Sure, he said, "The dude is in the league now. He is pretty darn good."

Interestingly, Richardson is wearing his third number in three years. He was No. 2 his first season. That one is now being worn by London Crawford.

"As you can tell, numbers are not a big deal to me," Richardson said.

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