Hands-Off Policy Takes Odd Turn

The green jerseys worn by Felix Jones, Peyton Hills and Marcus Monk during Saturday's scrimmage didn't mean much when the players suddenly found themselves on defense.

When sophomore linebacker Mark Bonner picked off a pass early in the scrimmage, new Razorbacks offensive coordinator Gus Malzahn started reaching for a whistle as soon as he noticed running back Felix Jones trying to chase down Bonner.

"I was trying to blow a whistle," Malzahn said. "I couldn't find one when they were coming back and I saw Felix tracking him down."

Malzahn said there wasn't much evaluation to do with the players in green.

"We know what we're getting," he said. "We can line up and we feel good about our running game but we've got to line up and pass the football."

Junior wide receiver Monk hasn't minded wearing the hands-off jersey for much of the week.

"We're still out there working hard," he said. "Just because we have a green jersey on, doesn't mean you're not doing anything less. We're still out there going hard.

Monk said he understood the reasons for not having some players hit. Still, he was frustrated with not being able to attempt to break tackles before play was whistled dead.

"It's different," Monk said. "You don't know what could happen."

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